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Question: Non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers?

Asked by yogibrrr

4 answers

I had a bad nose job when I was 19 leaving me with a crooked nose. Have heard about dermal fillers being injected into the nose to smooth out bumps and imbalances and I think this would be perfect for my needs. Has anyone else had this? And could you recommend a good specialist? Thanks !

Cosmetic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Injectables, Dermal Fillers

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Yes - you can have dermal fillers in the nose, they last between 6months and a year plus - depending on the type of filler used. There's more info about fillers on my website if you would like to explore more: Finding a good practitioner with experience is essential - best to ask how long they have specialised in doing aesthetics and what products they use.

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Hello, yes Dermal Fillers can be used to treat the problem you have. There is plenty of information on the Internet with lots of details on the procedure and before and after pictures. My advice to you would be to do some research so that can help you make a definite decision that this is the treatment that would suit your needs.

Hope this helps!


Air aesthetics in Henley in Arden. Works a treat and Dr Oliver is lovely.


i have dark circles under eyes want to have filler plz tell me the price

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