Does ILP work well on Asian skin tone- specifically Indian?

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YES - very well with the system that we use anyway, there are very few machines in the industry that can offer real result long term, we use an Ellipse and a Pulsar system, these systems are very effective on Asian and Indian Skin types even darker skin types, we treat all skin types 1,2,3,4,5,6. The Ellipse and the Pulsar are very well established within the beauty and medical industry and we are very proud to own a 1st class system that I have to say has been life changing for all of our clients here at Kiyoshi Spa,
There are many systems on the market that are not so successful, these are air-cooled applicator systems that use only air built into the applicator that treats the area, these systems do not deliver effective results due to the fact that the air cannot cool down the system and then the pulse of light is effected by the system over heating, therefore the wavelength of light is not consistent to achieve the correct wavelength of light to destroy the follicles resulting in hair growing back and within a year or two years after treatment the area treated grows back after spending lots of money for a treatment that never worked in the first place, water cool systems are the only effective systems in the industry as far as I am concerned been a professional therapist within the industry with over 8 years of experience in IPL and Laser treatments,
If you would like any more advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I would be happy to help and advise you further,
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Hello there. we have had great success with Asian Clients of ours.
The Nd Yag is the best type of laser this skin type. IPL can work but you will require much more treatments when compared to IPL. Google and you will see. I know this from my own experience. Feel free to give me a call and visit our salon. We are featured on this site and have very good offers available.
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yes ILP works on me, I did here ....
Yes- a number of IPL system will now treat up to skin type 5. We use Chromogenex and are able to treat up to skin type 5.