How can I get my hair which is dry and frizzy to stay smooth and lose the frizziness? thanks

My hair is curly, thick and I would like for it to be softer and lose its frizziness. Help? Do I need hair treatment or perhaps chance some nutrition?
Asked by Rossella65

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Dear rosella,
Best thing is to apply Argan oil on wet hair running your fingers through,this would nourish your hair, make them less frizzy and make them shine, I suggest they have pure Argan oil. Otherwise you could consider keratin treatment .
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You should try the range of treatments from Inoar..These are the very latest Brazilian blow dry treatments..they can be used on afro, bleached, frizzy, weak and brittle hair...they offer straightening and frizz free treatments or if you want to keep your curl, then they offer treatments to keep your curl without the frizz.......all treatments giving you gorgeous , soft, shiny , frizz free hair.....we offer these treatments and they are the best treatments available on the market today and also formaldehyde free........they will get rid of any damage you have ever done to your hair also.
Hello Rossella,
If you are wanting to elimate the frizz and make your hair smoother i would highly reccommend the brazillian blow dry treatment for your hair, this is a keratin based product which is blow dried into the hair and then straightened. This will allow your hair to keep frizz free and smooth and lasts around 3 months.
However, if you like the curl in your hair i would reccommend using hair treatments specialized for frizzy hair i would use these once a week to restore any lost moisture, i would also reccommend using a styling product that puts moisture into the hair there is a product on the market calle amargan oil this can be applied daily to wet or dry hair very little is needed and it doesnt make your hair greasy. This product is extremely popular amoungst our clients who have similar problems.
Good Luck
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