What are the best Natural cures for Arthritis?

Using the healing powers of food, which foods help to decrease inflammation in the body
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The gut is the seat of inflammation in the body; poor balance of good 'beneficial bacteria' aka probiotics determine immune modulation ie whether the immune system is triggered and inflammation occurs.
Also low levels of omega 3 oils in the modern diet cause inflammatory 'atopic' conditions like arthritis, acne, hayfever, asthma and eczema - we tend to have too many omega 6 oils from plant sources and not enough direct omega 3s (DHA and EPA) from marine sources, and no, we don't convert plant omega 3 sources well. Vegetarians/vegans and non-oily fish eaters should consider an algae DHA supplement.
Other sources of a continued pro-inflammatory response are sugar, grains and stress, the latter because in the face of a perceived danger, the body feels it must protect itself from bleeding to death in wounded in fight or flight!
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Being a medical intuitive I will advise clients as individuals for their conditions. Arthritis can be helped with crystals most definitely. Place five clear quartz crystals on the floor where you are sitting so that your foot is surrounded by them with points facing the foot, done every day for a while can help to take the pain away. Aromatherapy essential oil blends are also extremely effective, again mixtures vary upon the individual case. Glucosamine is commonly used and very effective.
I'm just going to talk about osteoarthritis in this answer as I am in a rush today:
Unfortunately there is no cure for Osteoatrthritis. Osteoarthritis is a result of wear and tear to the articular cartalige at the joint surfaces, which predisposes the synovium to inflammation and the subchondral bone to microtrauma thus causing pain, stiffness and swelling.
As the articular cartalige is not innervated we know that the pain you get is not actually from the damaged area, may arises primarily from things like inflammation stretching the joint capsule, damage to the subchondral bone, and trigger points/ tension and secondary muscle adaptions to surrounding muscles.
Treatment for osteoarthritis therefore is aimed at controlling the symptoms (pain and stiffness), maintainning the function you already have, and slowing the progression of the condition.
Acupuncture has a fair bit of evidence now that it is helpful in treating the pain, it does this by blocking nervous signals from noicioceptive (pain recieving) nerve fibers at the dorsal root ganglion in the spinal cord, so that these messages cannot reach the cerebral cortex, and thereby preventing you from feeling the pain. Tens is another treatment that uses the same concept and some people find this useful. If the needles are inserted for over 20 minutes acupuncture also stimulates the release of natural endorphins and opiates further reducing pain and also making you feel relaxed. Masssage to the neighbouring soft tissue can help release tenson from abnormal biomechanics and compensatory adaptions so it is good to include this in treatments.
The other thing that is important is to keep up weight bearing excercise, best to start by visiting your physiotherapist to get an idea of what excercises are best for you, and then join a class (you can often find your physio will run one of these at your local hospital). And you may need to do certain stretching and strengthening excercises to maximise the efficiency of the affected joint. The worst thing you can do is to stop exercising (unless your doctor has told you to for a specific reason) as this will rapidly lead to more pain and less function.
NHS direct has some useful information on Osteoarthritis.
I use the energy beam for Arthritis and alkaline live foods; Arthritis is a sign of a mental state and condition as well. When the person dislikes oneself and does not accept the physical form one live in, the form is deteriorating as this is the command the personality sends to a system. Once we accept our ups and downs, lean that our mistakes are the source of our wisdom we suddenly accept the results which we created.
This condition is the sign of many level condition of disconnection with the universal energy.
It shows how far from the chosen mission and experience for this life we are. It simply tells us that the direction of our thoughts is fare out of the path we have chosen for this life. The thoughts of dissatisfaction and non acceptance of ourselves are than to be redirected towards the universal self we are a part of.
Change of diet means literally change of thoughts and direction of our reality.
So, this is a start point of the therapy.
Second part of it consists of the sessions of conscious redirection of thoughts if chosen.
Finally, the creating new neuropaths are created for newly created joyous reality, where the previous thoughts cannot exist.
Therefore healing is done on many levels so new man is born.
I hope you are satisfied with my answer.
It really depends on wether you are suffering from Rheumatoid or Osteoartheritis as Rheumatoid artheritis is an inflammatory condition whereas Osteoartheritis is due to bone/cartilage degredation in the joints.
My wife and I distribute natural Aloe vera based drinking gels which significantly help people to live with both of these forms of artheritis and have helped so many people regain their quality of life.
If you have the Rheumatoid version then I would suggest drinking our plain Aloe Vera Drinking gel which is a natural anti inflammmatory.
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If you have Osteoartheritis I would suggest drinking our Forever Freedom gel which is highly concentrated in Aloe Vera but also contains glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, which are natural elements shown to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility.
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Always check with your GP first to make sure they are happy with you taking our products alongside any other medication they may have already prescribed you.
We have fantastic faith in our products and they all come with a complete 60 day money back guarantee......... so you really have nothing to loose by trying them out. :)
If you have any more questions then please do not hesitate to contact me either on here or through our website.
Really hope this helps!!
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Check out my retail Website for Aloe Vera products.
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The key to our success is therefore a commitment to quality and purity. We start with 100% inner gel, adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products. The versatility of this product means that aloe vera can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin. Not tested on animals, the Forever collection is a testament to nature’s capacity to help us look and feel our best."
You can drink Aloe Vera and it is great at reducing joint inflamation, also there are supplements with MSM and chondroitin which natural elements shown to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility.
click the link below then follow the link top corner to the shop for more details on each product.
try drinking alkaline water, probably you have to much acid in your body. I had a pain for 1,5 years in my shoulder joint, since i drink the water its gone, and never came back. went to many doctors and nobody could tackle the source, they only gave me painkillers ! I live in central london, i can give you the water, if you bring the bottles and you find out yourself.
its soo simple, i couldnt believe myself in the beginning, but just try the water........
Normally we breath in and breath out from our nose, but you can try to breath in and breath out from your joint or bone where you feel pain with Arthritis. Please just try, and you will get better gradually.
Normally we breath in and breath our from our nose, but you can try to breath in and breath our from your joint or bone where you feel pain with Arthritis. Please just try, and you will get better gradually.
Avoid lamb and acidic foods. Avoid pain killers like the plague (easier said than done I know) Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin supplements can help - along with Vitamin D and Omega 3. Really good quality supplements in reasonably high doses. If you can, see a kinesiologist who can test you for whats best for you.
Three years ago when I first started getting arthritis at 60 years of age, I searched and found oxygen therapy. I started The Oxygen Therapy Program and within 3 days ALL of my arthritis pain was gone and it hasn't come back.
I am not alone. I get emails from many people each week reporting the same positive results. Some appear to have taken as long as a week to rid their bodies of this scourge but it was done. It was quick and it was easy for all of us.
The reason oxygen therapy works so well is because (as medical science tells us) we no longer get the necessary oxygen that we did at one time. We used to get oxygen from our foods but today they are too over-processed and all the vitamins as well as the oxygen is processed out of them. We used to get oxygen to supplement our diets through our water. But today we get our water through metal pipes and the metal strips the oxygen right out of the water. And we also used to get enough oxygen simply through the air we breathe... but today we all know only too well that what we are breathing is contaminated with automobile exhaust, pesticides, herbicides and so many other modern contaminants.
Oxygen Therapy provides your body with the oxygen it needs for cell replication, respiration, digestion, and every single other bodily function. It is impossible to maintain your health without sufficient oxygen.
For more information you can go to this webpage: http://www.oxygentherapyprogram.com/h2o2info.html
You can also contact me through that page if you have any additional questions. I am always available.
As arthritis is an inflammatory condition the foods that would aggrevate it are acidic and dehydrating foods such as red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, nightshade family vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, aubergines). There is more information on my blog page - see link below
Ayurveda can do wonders when it comes to joint disorders like Arthritis. Please read the testimonial of one of my clients who is almost completely healed having a history of Arthritis from more than 10 years with other asociated complaints:
Please feel free to contact me for any further queires.
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