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Booking my summer holiday has made me think about bikinis - yikes! I currently do zumba once a week (1 hour) and power plates once a week (30 min). What tips would you give for fitting in more exercise and how much I should be doing to see a difference?
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Hi Judy,
it really depends on what you want to achieve and how quickly. I run a number of Indoor and Outdoor BootCamps combining HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) along with Boxercise (Upper body and core) and running all these combined are great for burning fat and building muscle along with increasing your endurance, do not worry about building muscle you will not turn into a body builder.
The classes I run are for an hour and we meet 3 times a week, each class will concentrate mainly (not completely) on specific ares upper body, core and lower body movements.
I find compound exercises (Exercises that involve 2 or more joints and large muscle groups working together) are great such as Body weight Squats, Burpees, lie down stand ups are great !! these will burn fat and build muscle.
Ensure you rest between attending sessions this will reduce fatigue and increase your performance and ability to adapt to alternate exercises.
Eat a calorie controlled diet. 1LB of fat = 3500 Calories, do not consume more than you can burn. Typically you can burn up to 1,000 calories in Bootcamp and Boxercise training session
When your training session finishes ensure you eat, skipping your meal will increase fatigue and destroy the hard work you have completed
Members of my BootCamp have been with me for over 12 months and have seen major fitness and overall body shape improvements
My training is run from Altrincham in Cheshire. For more info see
Keep up with the Zumba and I am sure you will see there results
If you decide to include BootCamp and or Boxercise in your training plan ask your instructor for proof of qualifications!!!...
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create an internal environment within your body that is conducive to burning fat during rest. That means training every muscle you have from deep stabilisers down your spine to the all important derrier. Leave nothing out. Spin classes are great. If you have the right mechanics then crossfit style barbell workouts work wonders. Don't ignore weight training because that's how you build insulin sensitivity so your metabolism shoots up. I train everyhting from corrective exercise to lifting heavy items off the ground. There's always something that you're body responds to well which you also enjoy. Variety, intensity and functionality are all key.
Hi Judy,
You definitely need to include some more strengthening / resistance training. Something that gets your fast twitch fibres firing. These are the ones that speed up your metabolism therefore giving you an after burn effect. Zumba and Power Plates although good will not necessarily fire up your fast twitch fibres. Make more muscle and you'll have a fat burning body. Please don't be put off by the mention of 'making muscle'. You don't suddenly bulk up and turn into Miss Universe overnight! This takes a strict diet and a lot of dedication. I do weights 3 times per week, a weight that I fail around 8 - 10 reps for 3 sets and finish off with HIIT, plus two seperate HIIT days (visit my blog for more ideas). You also need to get more exercise in, one and a half hours of exercise is not enough if you want results and some definintion. And perhaps look at your nutrition, even if you think this is good, by completing a weeks food diary can sometimes show up discrepancies. At 46 years old I've never looked or felt better :) hope this helps.
Good luck.
Increase fat burning. Green tea infusion stimulates this and slows down the absorption of sugars and fats.
Hi Judy, LivelyDayz is right, to see a difference you'd really need to up your participation in exercise to 4-5xtimes. However, if you find it hard to get motivated to go to the gym for 60-90 mins each session, you could try a variety of classes. BODYPUMP is great and will cover resistance work, BODYCOMBAT is another goody and will have you heart pumping. However, not all gyms offer these, so you could go for circuit training either as part of a class or on your own. If you get the mix of exercises right, you can engage in high intensity interval training for only 30minutes a day and notice a difference in the lean tissue (tone) of your body. We will be putting some home workouts up on the website soon, so check it out .
In the meantime check out They have some great home workouts of offer.
If you were closer to Chester, I'd offer to show you a few circuits, but London's just a bit too far for Personal Training!!
working out only 1.5 hours out of a total of 144 is going to get you nowhere. Training shouldnt just be about a quick fix for summer either, it should be a year round programme of fitness training. Also look at what you are eating as this is a massive part of it. As for tips about fitting in more exercise , simple do more. You dont need any fancey gizmoes, gym memberships either as you can get fit and strong in a 1 by 2 metre box and training out doors costs nothing. apart from time. As for training the muscles of the body body weight exercises cost nothing if you want to use equipment you can make a sand bag for less than a tenner and that will work everything. So there you go you have no excuses now get out there and get sweatting!
Try Capoeira as well. Really good to tone, strength and to loose weight, above it all it is fun which makes enjoyable to work out!
Hello Judy,
It will also depend on how much time you have a disposition, but considering you are already doing cardio works with your zumba class, you might as a very general advice, try to squeeze in some exercise that will give all over general toning and that it is also very good for those "bikini" areas, like tummy, bums and hips.
Pilates ( better a dynamic version of it) is very good for this purpose and you could possibly do an hour or an hour and fifteen of it during the week. If time is a problem you could also break down the workout into smaller section to do 2-3 times a week ( you'l need a more personalized programme for this).
Obviously like many have said before, your food intake will also play an important role in all this.
At PilatesWellness we have put together a special "bikini" workout for our ladies clients...
Hi Judy,
There are so many simple things to incorporate in your daily life that would make a change without having to go to the gym on a daily basis.
For starter on the morning, open the window and breath fresh air at least 3x, then stretch your arms up toward the sky and with body placed on your the tip of your toes. breathe 3x This will activate your blood circulation and therefore the removal of energetic stagnation within the body.
Bath dry your skin with a loofah before shower, activating your lymphatic system, definitely needed to break down fatty deposits due to staying sited all day. Then go to work walking, increasing your walking to 20-30 min a day and you will see the difference in the firmness of your skin in 1 week (climb escalators in the tube).
In the evening practice very specific stretching that will help with the circulation of fluids and toned your body. Usually stretching the side of the legs, keeping some poses for few minutes do the trick. I am always amazed by the effectiveness of these whenever I had few too many calories, I feel them straight into the top of my thighs and without sweating, simply relaxing at home stretching (and with the good type of diet of course) The fat goes away!
I also would recommend to jog 15-20min 1x /week or 2 if you really want to kick some 'masses' out. I have been there to diet crazy, with far too demanding exercises regime and never getting lasting results. I realised few years ago that practicing regular daily activities like (walking and light stretches) with some exercises as you do and self-massage are enough to have and keep a beautiful body and mind. Also I would link your request to your mind, is your mind asking you to exercise or your body? How is your body image, how do you see yourself? who you would like to look like? When you are eating something, what do you think? Is it Ok for you to eat what you want or do you feel guilty immediately? Do you starve yourself to get these centimetres of your hips?
Thinking, is a big part of who you are, how you look, and why this may work or not...Positive thinking and trusting that things can be easy might be the key to the success of your well being. I wish you a fantastic bikini body which I am sure you already have ;) Contact me at if you need more info. Take care. Nathalie
You still have a good 3 months to go, so I would divide your training program in 3 different phases:
The first one, you want to shock your body for quick result, to do so I recommend High intensity interval training, where you will do 3 times 10 exercises of 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between for example. 3 times a week on top of your Zumba and powerplates is enough.This type of training will keep your metabolism to the Rooth, you'll burn calorie up to 48hrs after training! Without spending hours on the gym floor.
Combine this with the right nutrition it is a real fat shredder.
After 4 weeks you could focus on lean muscle building.
Still interval training with kettlebell exercises, VPR, TRX, and we will include some good old resistance training session. This will help to build a lean silouhette and get rid off the extra fat.... And will turn you body in a calorie burning machine for the long run. Again we will adapt the nutrition to this phase 2.
In phase 3, I would include advanced body sculpting exercise and mix it up, to have a yin and yang training approach.
Some boxing, and other high intensity powerful training from the west mixed up with yoga, Pilates and advanced sculpting exercise from the east. To sculpt you the perfect beach body :)
I can design you a 90 days Fitness and nutrition plan that will transform your body for the long term, you will look and feel amazing!. Call me for a free consultation on 07896 952 414 or email me on
Thomas O
Intervals are key here, I know it is a bit of a buzz word in fitness but that is because it really works! Thanks to horizon the world has gone mad about three mins of exercise and yes this is great if you just want to get the health benefits but if you respond well to exercise and you don't mind a little hard work.I I would check out Tabata training, boxing or mma workouts, kettle bells, any form of Bootcamp and The Insanity workout will all be good fun. These will all use elements of interval work and you will really see the difference! 3 - 4 times per week should be ample overtraining is a very real phenomenon and you can get quite poorly if you do too much. Nutrition is crucial and the quality of what you eat is very important. All the best and most of all have a cracking holiday!
Hi Judy,
best way to get for for summer is 4-5 sessions per week. Each session 10 minute warm up and stretch, 30-40 mins resistance/weight training (different body parts each session) and 10-15 mins high intensity cardio to finish off.
Any less than this you will find it hard to get results before summer time as your body needs a lot of time for changes to happen. If you need more info pleas email at


Hi Judy,
I thought I'd add a comment as I've started training with Neil at LivelyDayz and can recommend. I'm experiencing a totally different kind of work out to anything I would do alone in the gym, or in classes, and can feel muscles working that I didn't know I had! I'm aiming for 3 sessions a week to see results in time for bikini season too, so let's compare progress! Lively Dayz actually have a great deal up for personal training (and also indoor bootcamp) if you want to try it out:
Good luck!
Hi Judy, If only you were in could have signed up for one of our Bootcamps. The mornings and evenings are lighter making for a great gym free outdoors workout. Sign up for a couple of times a week with your local Bootcamp and keep up your other training and you`ll see some changes especially if you take some good nutritional advice. Want to know more about us? for 1:1s and Group fitness in Bedfordshire :0)
if you combine Zumba at list 3 days per week, and other 3 days some body resistance exercise 30min-1 hour, would it be pilates or weight training , this will help to tone up & loose unwanted weight. But dont forget to stretch after & eat healthy! Good luck & Happy Summer Holidays !!! :) And do some exercise while summer vacation as well, other wise your body will gain everything that you were trying to loose back!
hello Judy, get some boxing work in, pads, bag work and sparring along with bodyweight, rope skipping and kettlebells....I've been training people for over 25 years and it works. Yes nutrition is a big help, you may be eating foods which are not best suited to short sharp high intense workouts, good nutrition and rest all worked in will get you there....if you are in London I can help you out or point you in the right direction.....
all the best
You should be training three times a week really. Personally I wouldn't do power plates because it's a complete waste of time. Body weight circuits and exercises are really good for the perfect bikini body. I've attached a link below which might be helpful. Dean
body transformation , personal training with me;
you can book your free consultation if you like 020 72548789
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