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Question: I have dark under-eye bags which have been troubling me for ages. What can I do to get rid?

Asked by rubyrose

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Can you help out?

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Hi Rubyrose

The key thing is to strengthen the skin underneath the eye area and the main way to do this is to have a good home skincare routine. I would strongly recommend using the Dermaquest range. The B5 serum in particular can be used all over the face and up to the lash line on the eye area. Many of my clients have had outstanding results.
I m happy to provide you with extra one to one advice and my details can be found below.



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Hi Rubyrose!
There are a few causes of dark circles - I've listed them below:
Anaemia, tiredness due to lack of sleep, liver problems, or it could be poor elimination of waste from the body, creating a build-up of toxins in the system, it could also be too much sugar or starch in the diet, or lack of fresh air and exercise, or it could be genetic.
A few ways to combat dark circles is to limit your sugar and starch intake and try to drink more water to help flush the system. Walking is a good way of stimulating the system to increase your oxygen intake! If you need any further help, please let me know!

Sources: Beauty Therapy Fact File 4th Edition - Susan Cressy


Hi Ruby

Self massage is possibly the easiest (and cheapest) option for you: the idea is to use the gentlest pressure possible to move any excess fluid under the skin and the technique is to work from the centre out.

In the links below you can find some massage techniques for the face to help with the under eye puffiness; if you have any questions on the technique please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am also enclosing a link to my review of Pai Skincare rosehip oil where I also demonstrate more massage techniques for the face.

As a final tip, it's always good to apply water infused chamomile tea bags on your eyelids to defpuff the skin.

Take care




Hi! This is a common problem, we offer our clients a 24K Gold facial from Oro Gold, they have some fantastic products that work wonders on dark circles. If you're local pop in and have a chat with us or log on to to see our full treatment menu of beauty and holistic treatments.


the best way is trying Carboxytherapy by Rioblush. Check out their website to find out more or contact me at Suffolk Medical Clinic 01787 211000. hope this helps



If you are looking at water puffiness and dark circles then Dermaquests new Eyebrite serum would be excellant.In trials clients have noticed a visible improvement in just 15 days.However if the puffiness and darkness is due to fat deposits under the eye(often hereditary)then only surgical removal,or possibly eye trough filler would resolve.Look for a really good clinic near you for advice from experts.I usually recommend the Court House clinics,for impartial and professional advice.
Good luck



Hi RubyRose,
Darkness under the eyes can be connected to your kidneys so drink loads of water. Also be sure not to put moisturisers and eye creams too close to the eyes as this can cause puffiness. Eye creams should be applied around the occipital bones of the eye.
Hope this helps xx


Princess Soraya Salon
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1--We need to analyse if this is caused by Liver not working well.
GP can do Blood test and give you results.
If Liver is not working very well, then we will do special
diet with special herbs to help Liver .

2--Treatment: Non Surgical Current to help with circulation, muscle tone
and moving the toxins.

3--Galvanic Current: Helps to : Lymph Drain,Circulation, Bags, puffiness

4--Special Lymph massage

5--Special Mask to help puffy, Dark Circles

Tel on: 07802 783 462

Sources: Princess Soraya Salon
38 Rosemont Road,
London NW3 6NE


M; 07802 783 462


I find drinking 2 litres of water a day really helps and also this eye gel



Hi there, you need to support your liver & kidneys. Drinking more water is great advice generally but its particularly good to have hot water with lemon first thing in the morning - this helps flush them out after they've been working hard all night without any fluid intake. The lemon although acidic turns to alkaline in the body which helps balance the body's ph levels. Really try to avoid caffeine first thing as it will de-hydrate your organs even further.

Also why not try some reflexology to support & de-tox your liver?
http: Mobile reflexology


There are now numerous ways for you to <a href="">get rid of dark circles</a>, such as following some natural home treatments that can be easily done.

Add tomato juice of one teaspoon, lemon juice for half a teaspoon, and turmeric powder of a pinch in orange lentil flour in order to come up with a paste. Apply this regularly on the area surrounding your eyes within 10 t0 15 minutes in order to cure your dark circles under eyes.

You can also get rid of dark circles under eyes by applying a mixture of tomato or cucumber juice and lemon juice in similar parts. Do this for two times daily. You might also put crushed mint leaves on your dark circles under eyes to make them fade.



- Apply any best eye cream for dark circles containing vitamin K and argiline. Dark circles may be caused by a deficiency of vitamin K. Regardless of the cause, however, skin creams containing these two ingredients reduce puffiness and discoloration significantly in many people. Long-term daily use seems to have the greatest effect.