Birthmark removal Newcastle?

I just want it removed as it just causes stress and puts my confidence right down. It's a port red stain and about 5cm in size. Any help would mean a lot, thanks.
Asked by mreid

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•Laser treatment: Laser treatment is the most common used treatment for port wine stains. Children can undergo laser treatment at a very young age so are the elderly people. Laser treatment requires the patient to undergo series of laser treatment sessions it does not also guarantee complete birthmark removal. Depending on the age of the person, the location of the birth mark and its severity, one can experience different result.

Deciding factor before treatment:

Before you decide on any treatment for port wine stain, it is important to consult this first with a registered surgeon. Here you will both have to discussed on certain topics such as why do you want to have the surgery, your desired outcome, what type of treatment you’re most comfortable with and how the procedure will done. These are some of the few questions your doctor might ask you.
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Before you take any decision speak to your GP or Dermatologist about it, as sometimes surgical procedures may leave scar tissue which in some instances can be worse than the actual lesion.


I agree!
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