My face has aged - sagging jaw and tired looking eyes. Any products you recommend to use at home?

I'm 54 and folowing an op and lots of pain I feel aged. I'm fed up with being told I'm looking older, so I need a big pick me up as cannot afford facials or face lift.
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It takes a long time for the body to recover from an operation and my first advice is to make sure you eat well with lots of fruit and vegetables which are good for the skin, lean protein and complex (brown) carbs; drink plenty of plain water to help keep the skin well hydrated and possibly take a supplement such as an all round multi-vitamin or a skin, hair and nails complex.
Make sure that you take some exercise - if you are unable to exercise due to your operation then keep as active as possible - and rest well.
Use a good quality skin care regime - this does not have to be expensive - include a cleanser, toner, anti-aging moisturiser and eyecream, and use a moisturiser and eye cream at night. Dermalogica, Decleor, L'Oreal and Garnier are all good brands from different price brackets - and there are many more to choose from.
Correct use of make-up can also make the skin and face look younger and more radiant - seek advice from make-up counters to see what they recommend - do not be tempted to buy straight away - check what their products look like at home and outside. Ask a friend for theit opinion.
You should be looking for a light reflecting foundation and correct tone of concealer to start, eye make-up to enhance your eyes and light 'dewy' lipgloss/stick. Some blusher will add radiance to your cheeks which gives the illusion of youth. But make sure you are using the right colours - again ask for advice and check with a friend.
And finally - it sounds corny, but - love yourself! Tell yourself you look good until you believe it!


Jane you are a genius! We should all take a leaf out of your book
Jane you are a genius! We should all take a leaf out of your book
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The Best solution to do some treatments in salon.
Then, use products at home
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Then, I can advice what is Best for you.
The top answer from 'janemurrell' is spot on! I couldn't have answered better myself. She covered all bases.
The top answer from 'janemurrell' is spot on! I couldn't have answered better myself. She covered all bases.
Hi there, you have had a lot of advice it’s all sound good. If you have gone through big op it takes 10-12 week recovery time so, I would advice to eat healthy food, drink a lots of fluid avoid food which will dehydrate. Also build up your stamina slowly by exercising regularly, that will increase your blood circulation & give your skin a glow.
At the same time I will recommend Mary Kay "miracle set" with day & night serums they are guaranteed to give you a face lift also there is Time wise "Replenishing serum + C" give collagen boost & help skin to bounce back. These products are not expensive and if you are interested you can contact on
Also treat your self to a nice make over & learn a few clever make up techniques.
I hope you feel better!
Hi There!
Like what the others have said best start with nutrition as after your operation it can effect your immune system so by eating healthy brightly coloured foods, berries are great for the body and skin, also your omega's they should get you back onto your feet,
Sometimes after an operation or if you have have to take a lot of medication the skin can look dull & dehydrated so by using a nice gentle exfoliation will help brighten the skin and to hydrate use a nice face oil do this of an evening and give yourself a 5/10 minute massage this will get the circulation going and help tone the facial muscles.
For long term Facial exercises are the best try this lady
I have just started a blog my latest one is how to make your eyes look younger, I also have a selected some of may favourite products which are all organic and natural that work and is reasonably priced ( it is under my favourite winter essentials
Hello there,
Sorry to hear you had to go through such a difficult time. I must say a little bit of self massage can really help and it can bring a bit of a smile... It's just a reminder that we are all lovely inside and out and we all deserve to feel cared for.
Have a little go at this simple self massage and see if it cheers you up xxx The best things in life are free!
As a lot of the advice here says, a lot of how you look is down to how you feel about yourself and how you see yourself. Although we do get to a stage in life when we notice those signs of ageing more..and those signs are real....even reading your question you sound tired. As you have said you cant afford expensive creams or treatments. This is an important point as many are in this position at the moment. (Janemurrell gave some great tips there btw)
So i have a few pieces of advice for you:
1. change some things about your diet and lifestyle you know will make you feel better. We all know what these things are.... eating more fruit/veg, drinking more water, maybe a little exercise, and try and get a little more fresh air if you can. (there is some good advice on my website of health boosting foods)
2. Find yourself a good face mask cream that will brighten your skin and help with the affects of ageing. Don't think you have to spend a lot of money for this, you should be able to find a good mask for around £30, and masks will last you months and months as you dont use them everyday. Use the mask twice a week at least and leave it on over night if you feel your skin is particularly dull. Ask your friends (especially the ones that have great skin and health, what they use and what they would recommend you to buy)
3. Don't try to change too much in one go, give yourself little goals, maybe change something about your skin care and something about your diet and lifestyle once a month. It can be to daunting to have to change so many things and if you have no energy, and hard to stick to.
I'm sure if you just try these 3 things to start with you will feel and notice a difference quickly, which in itself will make you feel better.
If you would like any further help or advice i would be happy to send you recommendations for product and how to use them. (i don't sell product so there is no danger of bias advice)
and remember Spring is on its way and there will soon be some sun in your life ! :o)
Now u are 54, those youth prime time is over, everything in this has to age, nothing new.We have to accept the changes, we should not tamper with the nature's law.The law of karma plays a big role in our life,What ever happening to oneself is die to his own karma.Try to do something spiritual, which will help in dissolving our past karma to some percentage.
Light Physical exercise ,Breathing techniques will help to some extent.
All the best.
Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that.
Firstly, drink plenty of water - it's amazing how many things that can benefit. Secondly, expensive creams don't do the trick in my view, but the Natural Lift Facial Massage might be able to help you - it's a 40 minute massage focussing almost entirely on your face, stimulating the collagen underneath, boosting your complexion and as various acupressure points are stimulated also, it can benefit the rest of your body. If you live anywhere near Sevenoaks or can get to Victoria or want to discuss this further, do call me 07531 755153
Amanda Clipsham
I would focus on doing facial exercises - my boyfriend does them and he is 12 years older than me (he is 51 this year) but people think he looks younger than me! I am 39 but people think I look around early 30s. Look up you tube for facial exercises - they really do work! For a great pick me for the skin I use an over ripe avocado, olive oil, one egg, mash or blend them together and place on your face for 10-15 minutes (great for hair too - super shiny leave on for 30 minutes wash out with warm water only as hot water will set the egg!) puts moisture back int the skin. Also drinks lots of water, eat lots of fruit and vegs - what we put into ourselves, and stress levels is reflected in the skin. Even meditation will help relax the muscles and you can meditate at home for free, which will also help with your pain management, and recovery from the op. The problem with a lot of the comestics out their - there is so much chemicals in them - they actually do more harm than good! I wish you well on your recovery.
our faces very quickly reflect our emotions and state of mind and if you have been in pain for some while this will show on the face.
I don't believe we need any expensive creams and lotions to look rejuvenated. As mentioned below I would concentrate on diet, lots of fruit n veg and make sure you are drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day ~ this will really help to refresh the skin.
I also strongly recommend Louise L Hay's work. She has a small book called "I can do it" and it has a cd included. Listening to the cd will encourage you feel and think more positively and this will then reflect in your life and body.
Lastly have more fun!!! Do things that you enjoy and make you laugh, stay away from negative people and situations.
For external help it may be good for you to see a local therapist and have a healing session of reiki / crystal healing or some other energy work to help realign your energy field and chakras.
take care of yourself, tell yourself as often as you can you love yourself and enjoy life
with love
People can be so thoughtless! Do you need help with recovery from the op still? There are some great remedies to help with healing. Helios pharmacy do a brilliant surgery combination remedy.
How we feel on the inside greatly reflects how we are on the outside. Nutrition for you now is key both to help you heal and to boost your mood and of course all the good nutrients are vital for healthy glowing skin and hair.
Although perhaps biased (!) consider seeing a homeopath. Sorting through emotions as well as physical symptoms can be invaluable in how you feel about yourself. I have an offer at the moment for a first consultation for only £15 if you are local, but there are other ways to have affordable homeopathy. There are many colleges which have student clinics that offer brilliant discounted treatments. All the best. Anna
Hi there, I stretch people, but before I learned to do that I self stretched for years using Bob Cooley's book the Genius of Flexibility. It always makes me feel younger, and more toned everywhere. I recommend that, and doing things you enjoy, which seems to have a rejuvenating effect. Rosehip oil is meant to be good for the skin.
Hope you feel better.
yes i would recommend a product called transformation from Nuskin, it has anti ageing technology to slow down the ageing process, thus renewing the elasticity of the skin . It really is amazing and has a money back guarantee