How long does a spray tan last before it begins to fade?

How often do you need to top up the spray tan? Will the tan stain white bedding/lingerie???
Asked by KayDee1970

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Using excellent solutions, your tan should last for at least 6-8 days, sometimes longer depending on pre and post maintenance i.e. thorough exfoliation 24 hrs before application and moisturising your whole body at least once a day afterwards. The tan will fade more quickly from the hands and the face - this is because most of us wash our hands and face more regularly than the rest of the body, plus they are more open to the environment. You can safely top up your spray tan once a week. I recommend to my regular clients that once a month, they leave their skin completely free of spray tan so that I have a wonderful blank 'canvas' to work on and no lingering spots from older tans. Regarding white bedding, if there is any transfer, it will wash out on a low temperature normal wash but be careful not to wear gorgeous satin/silk lingerie as it may stain permanently at least until you wash the guide colour off. Hope this helps.
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Anything between 5 to 7 days as long as you stay well moisturised. You may see some marks on white bedding but this usually washes out (a good tip is to sleep inside an old duvet cover then under your normal blankets)
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