I'm a dedicated gym enthusiast but find it hard keeping to the healthy, no fat regime - any advice?

Hi, I am a dedicated gym enthusiast but have trouble with the healthy eating side/sticking to the high protein low fat regime and calorie intake. I don't quite understand it all and since I have a little bit of fat around lower stomach that is very stubborn I would like some advice so I can finally have the six packed sculpted body I have always dreamed of and worked hard for years to achieve. Any advice would be hugely appreciated, thanks for your time, Steve.
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Hi Steve,
There is obviously something that is missing in your routine with what you percieve to be a body you have 'worked so hard for'.
99% of times its that a key fundamental to your lifestyle is missing and you need to go back to the drawing board and get the basics right before looking for any magic answer.
Firstly i would ask your self the following questions.
1. have you done at least 12-15 workouts per month for a duration of 45 mins-60 mins each month and every month for the last 6 months.
2.Are you working out to your highest intensity level for each work out.
3.Do you eat religiously pre and post workout meals for each workout day that you train.
4.are you progressivly increasing the weights and intensity on a regualr basis.
5.Do you have a mindset approach that what you are doing really works for you and you believe that you are doing the best you can for your body in every workout to the best of your knowledge.
Yes would be the correct answer for each of these, this is the basic of lifestlye design for getting a fantastic body that looks hot (i know because i have one, without sounding arrogant) and is the first step to getting results.
Dont get confused by doing tests and and or eating some 'miracle' wonder bar, you need to get your lifestlye in check, get some REAL consistancy with frequency of training, meal timings, recovery and training intensity and then take it form there.
Thats it, no magic answer, depending how far you are your body could be 3 months away, 6 months, maybe a year, it depends how much you want it, do you want cake more? do you want to drink with friends after work more, do you want to sit at home and watch telly more, are all thees things more important than looking your best? Its all about choices and then STICKING TO IT.
I mean, thsese are just a couple of questions to get you thinking, there are many other things about your lifestyle and choices you make that any professional would need to know.
I dont know how much help you expect to get from writting a one paragraph question, are you infact looking for a professional?
Let me know, you can hit me a reply here.
Good luck mate, you will get there.
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Hi Steve why not try tgreen from Nuskin its great for increasing your metabolic rate and increasing your anti oxidant score - which will help with your energy levels. Or you could purchase a Body Spa in May and complete a full body work out with this fantastic piece of kit in the comfort of your home on those stubborn pockets of fat.
Hi Steve,
Obesity is a complex metabolic syndrome and requires a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. I offer my weight loss clients a full nutritional, sugar handling and hormonal optimisation programme at my clinic if this is something you might be interested in? I also offer many novel weight loss therapies not available at other clinics such as HCG, Growth Hormone and Myostatin Inhibition.
Warmest regards,
Dr Mark S. Bonar
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Hi Steve,
If you want to lose fat and remain healthy, you must eat the right fat, and burn it efficiently. To find out whats the best way for you to increase your fat burning safely, watch out! Beware of getting your answers from people (like me) who havent taken case history or done physical exam with you!
In other words, go and see someone in person who will treat you as a unique individual and devise a bespoke dynamic lifestyle plan with you.
if you would like to talk about this further, call me on 07788981977, I will be delighted to hear from you in person.
Hi Steve,
I know how hard it can be counting calories, weighing the food and still making sure you've got the right amount of protein. The easiest thing that I've found is having a programme, where you know exactly what to have each day and having the results that you want but making sure you're getting lean muscle mass, through vital nutrients, protein and complex carbs. We replace 2 meals with 2 nutritious meals and your main colourful meal you make yourself. But I'll give you advise on what sort of food to go for and monitor your progress, advising you along the way, making sure you get the results, feeling healthier, energetic as well as stronger.
If you'd like me to talk you through the programmes and how we can personalise them according to your needs and budget, you can either fill in your details on the website below or call me on 02082577090/07737093144.
Best of health
yes get your hormones test too much much stress and training or over training when come to fat that will not go look at your training rest sleep and diet it can be so many thing i do 5 hr assessments see what is going on in the body it not just about what in but out side to from scott