How long do veneers last on the teeth (bonding type)? What types don't need replacing?

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Hi VIPTOP - very good question - you can expect these to last you around 8-10 years - although it is extremely important to maintain the beautiful appearance and overall health of the veneers and indeed the whole mouth. Therefore you would be needing to visit the dentist for regular hygiene appointments to prolong the life and health of the veneers. See our website for more on veneers and maintenance.
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All types of veneers will need replacing usually 8-10 years after placement.
The bonded ones can pick up staining faster than natural enamel, and may look darker, especially at the margin where they meet natural tooth after some years. The porcelain ones may chip, and also the gum can recede and expose the porcelain edge after some years too.
An alternative to veneers could be some laser gum contouring to even out tooth and gum shape, followed by some teeth whitening. This enhances the natural tooth shapes, and your own teeth will hopefully never need replacing with regular dental care.
If your teeth are poorly positioned, orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign braces can correct these, and again your natural enamel is enhanced rather than artificial materials that will not last.
See a good cosmetic dentist to see what's the best option for you.
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