Looking for fun ways to work out.

I'm looking for fun, slightly different ways to work out so that I can keep my interest up and stay motivated. I've recently tried an aerial silks class, which was great - what other suggestions do you have for fun fitness?
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I'm a keen martial artist so it forms the foundation to most of my sessions, this allows for varying levels of intensity and concentration; training with a friend (or PT) will take this to another elvel though especially if you introduce a circuit using equipment noted by Keppiefit. As an aside - you may also want to consider either gymnastics or CIRCUS training, this is a little left field but that's the point.
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I am an instructor in Indian Clubs. They keep the body in constant motion and the variety of exercises is endless. The arms get really toned and there is an equal load on all posterior and anterior muscles. I was trained by Scott Sonnon who created the modern day club bell training system.
I found a personal trainer in Mile End who I've been with for over 4 months now, twice a week. She charges the best price I've found so far and I feel fantastic after a session. With a combination of circuit training, bike riding, cardio & strength training. Send ur info if ur interested coz it works for me & could do the same for u. Email: lushus_006@hotmail.com
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Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation.
Its more about nourishing the body and cultivating a deep sense of satisfaction, rather than the thrill and buzz of more sensational options.
if youre looking for a change, rather than raising the bar, perhaps u could try something different? We even have weapon forms and push hands for returning to more extreme workouts, but that comes after a few years of studying quiessence and stillness.
its not for everyone, but if youre looking to go beyond what the standard workout offers, it's a wonderful way to experience movement :)
If you want fun and a great workout look up Capoeira. It is a Brazilian Martial Art that integrates movement, acrobatics, dance. Incredibly fun and will make your fitness levels go through the roof.
I also recommend TRX Training which is tough but good fun at the same time.
Hope this helped.
Hey lady. I often here that from the majority of potential clients when we first meet! I feel what you need at this point of your search is variety. Its all about what works for you. Rather than talk about it maybe you should trainwithdan.com and we can go from there! speak soon
Zumba is a lot of fun and incorporates lots of different levels so you can start at the bottom and move up as you get fitter, its nice to have something that always challenges you, plus its fun dance workouts.
It may seem like a biased answer because of my profession, but in my experience, the most fun you can have through exercise is buddy training with the help of a personal trainer.
Admittedly, the cost of a PT can potentially be pretty expensive, but with a friend, you can esentially halve the cost. The more friends you can get involved, not only will you pay less, it'll increase the fun and motivation levels for all involved.


Thanks. I'm mostly looking for unusual/different ways to work out and new classes to try - things like hula hoop, aerial silks, etc.
TRX Suspension, TRX Rip, ViPR, medicine balls, work out with a partner or a PT, mix it up and have fun.
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