Why are sports performance and functional training important for weight loss?

We would like to know how sport performance and functional training effect your fitness and weight loss programme.
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Functional fitness is not necessarily important for weight loss, being functionally fit involved the body working as a whole, a strong kinetic chain, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Functional fitness can make you more efficient in your sport as well as in your daily life, minimizing both sports and faulty postural problems. A strong fit body performs better, recovers well, and is able to perform over and over again, i guess that where the body shape, fat loss and a change in weight come into play.
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Hi Gymjunkie;
Thanks for reply which is great respond. Functional training what is it ? all trainers and people talking about. Something have to be functional yes / no
Functional training; Reaching , pushing, pulling, lifting, turning something all functional isnt it ? What we do as fitness profesionals make think harder and harder so what make people trainer
how we are doing it ? intensity / resting / how much carido should i do / what heart rate should be ...
I do recently training with Car tyres which give me a good grip, activate my core, improve my balance
I think this is functional; doing one specific movement but engaging whole body part ( tendon - ligaments - joints - muscle and cardio respiratory system.


Functional training is looking at the kinetic chain as a whole, to achieve greater power or a more efficient movement in you daily life or sport, balance is the initial building block from which everything else stems, so the small stabilizing muscles work and not just the large muscles most programs rely on, this prevents energy loss or compensation by falling into another plane when you are not strong enough. For example, weak glute med on a runner would allow that runner to fall into the lateral plane with each and every step, so other muscles like the tfl and piriformis as well as the lateral thigh all become overworked and painful. The best way to see how you are performing is by having a static and dynmaic posture assessment and then addressing any problems in stages starting from a low level, and working in phases, most of us in the fitness industry went straight in at advanced level will minimum understanding of this concept.
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