I would like to purchase a hot stones kit. Any recommendations?

Asked by Shanthi-Holistics

7 answers

i need a hot stone for my own spa in indore
Search Treatwell for Hot Stone Massage near you
I also bought mine through Physique and am very happy with it.
Note that their 6 quart tank might prove too small for you - by all means buy a 12 quart tank!
Their 60 piece stone kit is superb value!
Ellisons are doing a 20% discount on theirs, making it more affordable.
Have a look on ebay, there are some good deals, I bought the naturally formed ones from buyer bodyworkzone and it came with the heater and I am impressed with them. Also came with 7 chakra stones which was a nice addition :)
mine is for sale if you want it heater, stones the lot i am in solihull
I got mine off an ebay shop-lovely big set, nice stones in a bamboo box. They actually came free with my large hot stone heater. I paid £110 for full set including delivery. Both came from the UK
I got my stone kit from Ellisons in Coventry. That was about 6 years ago and still going strong.
I bought my hot stones via https://www.physique.co.uk. Hope that helps.