Has anyone tried hula hooping? How would you recommend getting into it?

I've been desperate to give this a go ever since seeing a fantastic circus hula hooper perform last week! Should I try to find a class/get a dvd/just give it a go at home?
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Hello! Hooping is great fun and can keep you toned and happy...
I'd say the best way to get started depends a bit on how you learn - there are books and DVDs available like Christabel Zamor's Hooping - A Revolutionary Fitness Program (I'd say that's a good all-round source of info). There are tons of tutorials on youtube as well. Take things slowly and enjoy it.
The key is to get yourself an adult hoop, most people begin with a 40" diameter hoop - most hoop teachers also make hoops to order. If find you want some help/ more tricks/ to meet people/ don't have enough space at home/ or if you learn more easily in person then find a class! There are classes all over the country - check out the UK Hoop Database for info, there are lots of Facebook groups with details of hoop meet ups/classes or google hoop dance & your area.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.
Happy hooping!


Thanks for a helpful and thorough answer! V much looking forward to giving this a go.
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i teach hula hooping at the empire hall horley surrey on a thu 6is great for your was30-730pm i am also going to be starting classes down in brighton on poss a monday or a tuesday so please give me a call it is great for your waste and posture. 07765531425
I have been in circus specifically hula hooping for 10 years. I have started young & at that time it was easy to start.As i grew up, i were getting more & more confident with plastic hula-hoop.I could hold up to 25 hulas at once.
Right now i teach hula-hooping & the most important skill you have to have is desire & sense of movement .
Hulahooping itself improves your coordination,reaction,posture & reflexes , as well as the figure. If you like dancing, you will like hula-hoop. But it is a hard work as well,your hip bones & palms will be bruised !
To get comfortable with it, would require at list 3month. Try to learn simple technics & warm up exercises with simple tutorial from youtube or go to a gym, that has hulahoop classes as well.
Just feel free with doing anything that hulahoop leads you to do & you will get used to it fast!
Good luck & feel free to ask me more! :)
Hula hooping for at least 10 minutes at a time with a regular hula hoop, can help you meet your exercise goals. Some people use weighted hoola hoops. Which ever one you choose, check with your doctor before using any kind of hula hoop if you have medical concerns, especially a history of back problems. If you have back problems, take it easy. You can do Tai Chi slow hip rotations in smaller circles without the hoola hoop until your back it gets stronger. Rotation of the hip in all four directions helps open the energy channels in the sacrum ( lower back. ) Every thing should be done in stages. And as with any physical activity, stop hula hooping and consult your doctor if you develop pain or other symptoms. - At the every least rotations can help your dancing . 
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