Can anyone recommend an insurance company for dental whitening/bleaching technician?

Can anyone reccommend an insurance company - I want to carry out mobile teeth whitening.
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If you have any doubt about the legalities of teeth the whitening by a non dentist then read the European directive that overides what the GDC states, teeth whitening is legal by non dentists as long as you are using less than 0.01% Hydrogen Peroxide, dentists are only aloud to use up to 6%, does anyone question what they are using?. If this procedure was illegal by non dentists it would not have been passed by the house of lords as a cosmetic procedure. If you have had training and are insured you are working within the law. If you receive a letter from the GDC telling you what you are doing is illegal they are breaking the law and its called harrassment. It does not matter what they think the law quite clealy states it is a safe practice as long as you use the product that is allowed and what the ruling was made on. Its like any procedure you carry out you have to have done some form of training and should be insured, teeth whitening is no different, its a COSMETIC PROCEDURE. I am a qualified health professional, I have insurance for my own profession. No one is saying you should be acting as a dentist and offering dental advice, why would you if you only plan to carry out teeth whitening?. Until such times as the ruling changes which it never will because of the revenue involved in this industry which the government benefit from then teeth whitening is here to stay by non dentist so as long as you work within the guidelines of your practice do not be intimidated by the GDC. Hope that clarifies what would appear to be a grey area, its shouldnt be, just read the house of lords ruling and the European Directive.


Thank you for clearing this up for me I have been a little worried as I have just started doing my own mobile treatments using sodium perforate which seems effective, I had training with a company in Manchester ans since then I have been sorting myself out with flyers and business cards, also my insurance was with swintons and very reasonable. I have heard some people say that it's illegal only for a dentist to practice this procedure, so was very pleased when I read your post Hamsterlegs so once again thank you .
Hi Kitty54 who did you get your insurance through in the end please? x
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I used a company called' They were very helpful. Tammy
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Hi can anyone recommend an insurance company that cover Teeth whitening technicians as I'm currently finding it difficult to get public liability cover as my old insurance company no longer offer cover! Many thanks


You cannot get insurance anymore unless you register with GDC which you can only do if you are a dentist Sinclair don't insure anyone in the uk and referred me to another company which do not offer insurance to people who do non peroxide teeth whitening so there is no longer anyone that can provide insurance :(
'Cosmetologist' fined for illegal tooth whitening
5th Jan 2012
A Devon-based, ‘cosmetologist' has been successfully prosecuted for offering tooth whitening treatment and ordered to pay a total of £1,872.

Last month, Carl Espano, from Torquay, Devon, pleaded guilty at West London Magistrates' Court to practising dentistry when not registered with the GDC, contrary to section 38 (1) and (2) of the Dentists' Act 1984.

He has been fined £1,000 and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge. He has also been ordered to pay full costs to the GDC of £857.

Mr Espano, in mitigation for his actions, raised the House of Lords judgement in the case of ‘Optident and Another v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and Another (2001) UKHL 32.

However, the magistrates' appeared to give this argument little or no weight when determining his sentence.

The Magistrates told Mr Espano: 'This is a serious offence, particularly for potential victims as you didn't have any indemnity in place for any damage you might have done to any teeth.

'In addition, should you have damaged the adult teeth, a patient only has one set. Accordingly we view this as a serious offence.'

Chief executive and registrar of the GDC, Evlynne Gilvarry, said: 'We are committed to taking action against people who offer tooth whitening unlawfully. They are a risk to the people they treat and it is our duty act to ensure public safety.'

Tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and only those registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) may lawfully offer it as a treatment


Tooth whitening still legally comes under the cosmetic law of 2008 have been in touch with GDC and they have told me its not illegal although trying to make it its the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE which is illegal i have been intouch with my local mp , GDC and trading standards which all say the same thing, so as long as you are in the limits which is 0.1% hydrogen peroxide or b-zero its ok i have done my research and iam sure every1 in the same job has too x
The tactics being used by the GDC are in my opinion unethical and not befitting of a regulatory body. I have also contacted my MP and taken legal advice.
I understand the GDC are sending out very scary letters to beauty businesses too. I consider this to be a form of harassment.
Hi there, my dentist has refused me NHS treatment as I've trained in teeth whitening, he has questioned me infront of my children and told me I am breaking the law and practising dentistry which is illegal! He has banned me from his practice and reported me to Health Authority... Can he do this and also how in professional infront of my children... He hasn't a clue if I use peroxide or non peroxide, just stated that anything that lightens teeth is breaking the law!! Second thing I would like to ask is where can you purchase B Zero from and ate the results good? Thanks ;0)
WARNING TO PUBLIC: ALL TEETH WHITENING TRAINING COURSES ARE SCAMS- they take money from victims such as the above who attend and are given fake certificates because the organisers are scamsters who have no authority to issue such cerfification. They are also fed lies on every aspect of teeth whitening, all designed to scam further money. Useless ineffective materials are sold to the victims, materals such as the ones above. The attendees than set off to try to scam the public themselves. by feeding the same lies and using their useless ineffective products So essentially the training courses are scam schools for scamsters. Fake certificates, fake materials, fake facts, fake titles. Writers such as the ones above are simppy indulging in illegal, criminal activity, interested only in themselves with no regard to the publics safety or their precious finances. Do you have no shame?- just because you were a bit stupid and were scammed by the training courses doesn't mean you have to go on to scam the public. That makes you as bad as them. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves- do you feel no shame? But I suppose there are not many lowlife scamsters indulging in illegal , criminal activity that do. Absolutely shameless. No vested interest here- work as researcher for independent TV production company commisioned by major chanel to investigate this. After studying hours of covert undercover filming both of courses and treatment by people such as above and also personal witness on occasions I just feel the need to make people aware what the people such as the ones writing above are really like.Programme is in final edit, to be aired soon but wanted to make general public aware in the interim.
SOME of what has been communicated above is true about TEETH WHITENING TRAINING COURSES.

FACT: If teeth whitening training providers are training people to deliver peroxide, then they are condoning an illegal practice. However, dentists/other providers also train dentists in power tooth whitening which is also illegal if the dentist delivers the treatment. Some dentists have not received any tooth whitening training. I presume unbiased and impartial TV companies would include this information in any documentary. The BBC made a BIG mistake recently when they release inaccurate information.

FACT: Some celebrity dentists advise on their website's that they can deliver power tooth whitening because it is the practicing of dentistry. WRONG, dentists must comply with the same cosmetic regulations as everyone else.

FACT: There are many complaints on the Internet about patient harm caused by dentists delivering power tooth whitening due to very high peroxide levels between 25-35%. (more risks are involved). Non-dentists should never consider this treatment; it can go horribly wrong even if you have done everything right. It illegal for dentists to use products containing or releasing more than 6% Peroxide.

FACT: Some of the 0.1% peroxide teeth whitening treatments are not as effective as others.

FACT: Many people use on-line identities, including this guy. It is what the person writes, which is more important. Is it based on fact or true belief and free from defamation as well as harassment?

FACT: EU Law and the current Dentistry Act do not prohibit non dentists delivering teeth whitening providing the products do non exceed 0.1% peroxide and teeth whitening operatives do not give clinical dental advice about teeth whitening or purport to be a dentist. This is the abridged version.

FACT: There are at least 5 bona fide training companies who operate legally. Not all businesses ARE the same. You can trace these companies quite easily.

FACT: Libelous and slanderous remarks are unlawful. The media has a duty to make sure information is presented in a fair, balanced and truthful manner. A professional researcher will present only the facts, leaving out his/her own opinions. Some of the facts have been deliberately omitted and misrepresented here.

FACT: There is no evidence of the GDC pursing its own members for the delivery of tooth whitening exceeding 6% peroxide. This begs the question why do they harass non-members?

Do the BBC/ ITV really commission TV production companies who employ researchers who behave in this manner and who also appear to be poorly informed?
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Separate to this but still on the same tack what is the view of selling crest teeth whitening strips. This is merely a sale and the customer does it himself. Another fact is this is a product made by one of the largest dental product companies in the world and owned by one of the largest conglomerates proctor and gamble. Thanks you
I use Sinclair too. Its good value & it quite literaly covers everything.
You DO NOT have to be a Dentist of any sort to perform Teeth Whitening. Dentists only say that because they dont want to loose out on money!!! - I was trained by LoveLite White, Harley Street London. All The Celebs go there. If they werent allowed to LEGALLY whiten peoples teeth id imagine these high profile celebs would have law suit out on the company time & time again! X


I also trained at Harley street but to have valid insurance now you have to be registered through GDC to which you do have to be a dentist
GDC wins first-ever 'illegal' tooth whitening case
In the first case of its kind,he UK's dental regulator has successfully prosecuted a clinic's boss for 'illegally' performing tooth whitening.The General Dental Council (GDC) regards this cosmetic treatment as the practice of dentistry and won its case against national chain, Style Smile Clinics.Under the Dentists Act 1984, it is an offence for non-registrants to practise or be prepared to practise dentistry.
The GDC launched the case last year after it received hundreds of complaints from members of the public and dental professionals about tooth whitening treatment being provided by individuals who are not registered dental professionals.
Chief executive and registrar of the GDC, Evlynne Gilvarry, says: ‘This case has significant implications for the dental profession and for public protection.'
The GDC will now consider its position carefully with regards to the hundreds of other complaints about the illegal practice of dentistry that it has received.
‘We are concerned about the risk to the public posed by such potentially hazardous treatment being provided by people without the training and qualifications necessary for registration as a dental professional.''


There has been a recent case where a teeth whitening company was fined £6k with similar costs for not being a qualified dentist. This case was brought about by the GDC. In 2001, the House of Lords passed a Law whereby, as you state, it is a cosmetic procedure. What I do not want to do is to be prosecuted for undertaking this. Would my insurance still be valid? I would appreciate your answer as I have spent considerable money and time setting up this business. Thank you.
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Thank you. Why was it then that the GDC were able to prosecute? Am I risking similar by carrying out these procedures?
No - the GDC prosecuted on public health grounds, but as you can see from the cases above, the HL confirmed you can operate the business.
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The GDC are regretfully misrepresenting cases to the public. As the cases are heard in the magistrates court they are not in the public domain, unlike the county court.
EU law overrides what the GDC believe.
Please contact the EU commission if you wish to receive accurate advice.
Hi there I'm so pleased you have asked this question! Only qualified dentists and dental professionals registered with the GDC can legally perform whitening in the UK - this would obviously mean the practitioner is fully equipped to assess suitability for whitening and to deal with any problems that may arise as a result of it. I recommend you approach the GDC to ask for an insurance recommendation if this applies to you.
thank you! been struggle with every other insurance a insurance called swinton wanted £1000 a year . i am going to get a quote for sinclair thank you very much
yeah try sinclaire insurance as far as i know there the only insurance that will insure for this service in the U.K.
hope this helps


hi please tell me if you changed to aberia this year as the premiums are more than double or did u find cheaper elsewhere
Aderia will only offer insurance if you are registered with GDC so if you are then it's fine if you are trying to get insurance for non peroxide there isn't a company that offer it anymore