What foods should a good nutritious packed lunch contain?

I'm a female office worker, so interested in foods that provide brain power more than muscle power! Gluten free suggestions particularly welcome.
Asked by AngharadM

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Feeling a little nutty? I found this online which I thought was super helpful. I'm always snacking on almonds and walnuts.
"Nuts and seeds are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. All of these nutrients allow you to think more clearly."
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Hello again,
Just going back to your first question, consuming Flax seed oil will help toward improving mental clarity as it will help with your circulation enabling blood and more oxygen to reach your brain. So I am thinking of our Mega-Chel product which is a phenomenal product because of the mineral ingredients and what it does for the circulatory system. But you may not need this.
There are a few more products I'd recommend but need you to answer some questions that will best suit your needs:
1] Does problems with the brain occur in the family i'e parents and grand parents?
2] Do you suffer mind fogginess where you can't think clearly and
3] Do you suffer with memory loss
Answers to those questions will certainly help me to choose the correct supplements to take with a normal diet.
mant thanks, Debbie


Hi Debbie,
I don't have any problems with memory/concentration as such - I meant more that I need foods which generlaly boost brain power, rather than those which are good for building muscle/physical strength. I'm mostly just looking for healthy foods that will keep me feeling full and provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Any ideas?
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. In the main I provide advice as to the use of good quality supplements for health. As for brain power you cannot go too wrong with implementing into your diet, Omega-3. A good source would be fish but not all fish is oily i.e cantain no omega-3. So you have to consume the correct fish. Ideally you should consume omega-3 everyday which means eating fish. This can become quite expensive so the best alternative would be good supplements. There is nothing wrong in consuming omega-3 supplements and occasionally in the wek eat fish. Another herb is Gotu Kola which is good for the brain. Hope this helps.