My hair has a tendency to have split ends. What is the best way to stop this?

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HI, the best way to prevent split ends is to have regular trims , never brush or comb hair from root to ends , always start from the bottom & work upwards ,hair could be weak if so use a instacure, i would recomend Matrix pro solutionist.which is a leave in treatment.
For shampoo i would use agian biolage forte strengthing following biolage forte strengthening conditioner. heat shield ,by biolage which is a thermo active repair cream.
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Hello, if you bleached your hair numerous times in the past, shampooing too often, brushing your hair too much and over using heat styling tools (hairdryer, straighteners and curling irons), long exposure to the sun can worsen damaged hair and cause split ends. Hair care products for split ends will help to heal or protect from further damage but it won’t alter the bonds of the hair since the protective cuticle has been stripped away from hair fibre.
You should get your hair cut regularly, ideally every six to eight weeks.
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Hi Aguairon, I would recommend using a Deep conditioning masque once a week, never brushing your hair when it's wet (use a wide toothed comb) - regular trims (every six weeks or at the first sign of a split end). Always use a conditioner and i would use a thermal defense spray when you're using a dryer/ straighteners - and don't use the straighteners too often as too much heat on the ends really dries your hair out and can ultimately affect the elasticity of the hair. You may want to check that your straighteners aren't snagging your hair (if they're old this can happen) and NEVER use an elastic band to tie it up.
Hope this helps
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