How can I best prepare my body for a general anaesthetic?

What is the best dietary (and any other) way to prepare your body for an anaesthetic to minimise recovery time and after effects. Are there certain supplements that help minimise the after effects etc?
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Hi elly I have had a lge no. of anaesthetics over the yrs and after having another just on monday i'm currently recovering myself firstly all dr.s will advise you to stop taking all herbal supplements aprox 2 wks before your surgery although natural they can interfere with your bloods etc. also if youre a smoker it is important you give up or cut right down if you really cant as this also effects how you heal and your blood flow which of course aids healing, a good healthy diet adequate protein cut down on starchy carbs and replace with complex carbs ie brown rice, sweet potato etc. lots of leafy vegetables, try and drink upto 8 glasses of water a day and rest so you are physically strong enough to cope with the after effects of a general ie tiredness, bare in mind you can feel a little emotional afew days after so just take things easy and give yourself a break :)
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I would ask your surgeon beforehand what he recommends firstly.
But I would recommend that you do not drink alcohol for a week (at least) beforehand and not until you are feeling well afterwards.
If you smoke - don't!! Or at least for a week beforehand and until you have the all clear after your operation from your surgeon. Smoking pollutes the body with toxins that prevent the body from healing itself.
Eat a healthy diet - plenty of fruit and vegetables, some lean protein and some good carbs - wholegrains, brown rice, etc. Reduce caffeine and drink plenty of non-fizzy fluids such as water or sugar free squash if plain water is too boring. Fruit and herb teas are good, too.
Taking supplements for a few days aren't really going to help but an all round multi-vitamin with Omegas won't do any harm - but check with your doctor first.
You will also need to remove any nail polish and nail enhancements before the op - this is because the colour under the nail plate is used to determine oxygen levels in the body during anaesthesia by the Anaesthetist.
Good luck with your op!
Hi Elly
Fluids...water several days before an anaesthetic until you are limited on fluids and food. After you've had the anaesthetic and home, unless you have an open minded ward, begin with a gentle cleanse using fresh lemon juice in water when you get up in the morning.
Gradually increase the complexity of your foods, starting with juices, soups and finally the usual diet. You can drink nettle and fennel tea, which you can buy as teabags from most healthfood shops and supermarkets.
What a great question. I would suggest drink lots of water as far before the operation as possible to make sure your body is fully hydrated. Bach flower essences are great for the emotional support. Kinesiology can help with a holistic balance before and after and also to mentally prepare you positively. Not sure about supplements other than general good all round balancing ones like Omega 3 and B complex. Hope all goes well.
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