Are there any good products for men, for hair thinning?

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the age old question..regular massage to the scalp increases the blood flow thus increases oxygen and nutrients to the scalp.this stimulates hair growth...seaweed extract or based products also stimulate hair growth..nettles are also a key ingredient to aid follicular balance to aid growth.l`oreal have `aminexil`..this is a lotion that is massaged into the scalp daily that enhances your hair growth..the treatment is a salon based or home-based item..find your local l`oreal stockist/salon and ask for details and pricing..thanksx and good luckx
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Hi Sam
Working as a professional herbalist for a number of years I occasionally get asked by men what they can do to slow down thinning hair or even reverse it. There are simple home remedies that you can make that can be applied externally or included in the diet. You will find these two herbs either in your garden or supermarket. Rosemary and nettles are your follicular allies. They are easy to obtain and relatively cheap to buy. You could go and buy a dried herbal powder in a capsule; yet it is less potent.
The most cited causes of thinning hair are stress and associated nutritional deficiency as a result of stress. So take time to relax, eat smarter and slower; allow your body to absorb the nutrients in your diet and use them. You could include protein rich foods, nettle which can be prepared like spinach is 40% protein. Other supplements that can be important for healthier hair growth include Zinc (present in pumpkin seeds and also beneficial for prostate health), Vitamin C and B complex.
To make a simple application for your hair take 500ml of Cider vinegar and add 75g of fresh rosemary and 75g of chopped nettles (use gloves when picking them). Leave in a warm place for 2 weeks and strain. Apply directly to the scalp 30 minutes before washing your hair twice a week. It may tingle yet you are not getting stung. You could also massage 5 drops of rosemary essential oil in 10ml of sweet almond oil before washing your hair.
In fact, any scalp massage is good to stimulate peripheral blood flow in the scalp. You can do it yourself, get your partner to do it or try Indian Head massage.
If you have any questions just let me know.
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