How beneficial is using an exercise bike?

I have an exercise bike at home which appeals much more than running in the cold weather - but I'm concerned that using it is only really giving my legs a work out and not helping the rest of me! Is this true?
Asked by AngharadM

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Bike also works and tones the abs. I prefere a outdoor bicycle. Because it challenges you more and provides better scenery. However, If you have an indoor bike , don't let it become a cloth rack. Utilize it. In addition to being entertained when you ride indoor, you can use a staionary bicycle in any kind of whether. Rain, hail or snow , on your staitionary indoor bike you can go, go go . MOVE your body ....
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Exercise bikes, especially spinning bikes are very beneficial and contrary to what people think, they dont just work your legs they give you a full body workout - rowing machines are also good and give not just cardio but full body workout. Would highly recommend using either of these, and nowadays you dont need to go and buy one, you can hire one from a number of outlets for a short length of time until the weather improves at least lol!!!
I am not a fan of the bikes, however they raise the heart rate and do help with general fitness. i love the outdoors
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