What can I do (besides regular trims) to treat split ends?

I rea;;y want to grow my hair long but split ends are getting in the way!
Asked by alexsheppard

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Get a Pro Naturals! ;)
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Hate to say it but the only guaranteed way to get ride of the peskie split ends is to get them cut off maybe a little more than a trim! However it will help if you avoid heated appliances or try a thermal protector after you have conditioned hair this will help you protect your hair against the heat. I offer Kebelo smoothing system (a wheat based treatment simalar to the keratin blow dries) which although improve the condition of your hair often makes the raggy ends appear worse.
Hpe this helps.
remember everyday polution and wear and tear leave your hair dull and can damage your hair if you do not take care of it..yes you are right,regular trims are a must.try to use the most gentler chemicals if you have perms or colours[i recommend inoa gel based ammonia free hair colour]..also always use a heat defense spray before straightening your hair.don`t have your hairdryer too hot and always use the professional shampoos and conditioners suited to your hair.your salon stylist will recommend a good one suited for your hair..i recommend serie expert by l`oreal..always use conditioner and do a conditioning treatment once per week..the proper hairbrush is important too with the right detangling prongs.comb from the bottom of the hair to the roots.always wear hats when sitting in the sun..hope this helps.xx
Inoar Marraquino Brazilian Blow Dry works wonders and lasts for upto 5 months depending on your hair type ( the worse condition your hair is in the better it works...It seals each hair from root to tip in Keratin amongst other things , white clay. It is the safest treatment on the market as its formaldeyde free and passed by the FDA. It also adds length to your hair as it straightens out any kinks, gets rid of frizzies, repairs any damage you have ever done by colour, bleach, perms, hot irons....and leaves your hair looking Amazing...All the A listers have this done and is now available in most salons. I can only recommend the INOAR treatments...there are around 30 other blow dry treatments out there that cause more damage to your hair and dont work...so be careful not to waste your money on any other ones..........Hope this helps, good luck
There are various conditioning treatments available from the shops that are especially designed for split ends. But if you really suffer with them, it is best to get a salon conditioning treatment once weekly until your hair becomes a lot healthier.
The best thing really is to cut them out, but this is the next best thing. I have many clients who have had the same problem, have taken my advice and now have gorgeous long hair, they also find it helps to keep the hair from becoming damaged if they keep up the routine.
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