Allergies - has anyone got puffy eyes through food intolerance?

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I would suggest you do an allergy test to rule out food allergies or find out if you are intolerant to food.
Did you notice more puffiness after eating specific foods? You also need to consider cross-contamination: some pollens may interact with foods you ingest so even "safe" foods can become "offending" foods during the hayfever season.
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Yes, it can cause that. Swollen eyes from a food allergy are the result of histamine in the eye area. When the body fights off the proteins from the food product, the immune system produces IgE antibodies, which would case mast cells in the blood stream to produce histamine. It is a chemical that leads to inflammation and irritation in areas of the body made up soft tissue. The increased histamine causes more blood flow to the body, including the eyes, thus leading to swollen eyes. Hence, antihistamine eye drops can treat swollen eyes that are caused by food allergy. Because of antihistamine blocks the body's ability to produce histamine to reduce the welling and irritation.
My Son suffered a puffy eye and slighty red symptom that was the result of a cows milk intolerance. for me, strange but true!
Yes, puffy eyes can result from allergy (like hay fever) or intolerance. Intolerance doesn't have to be food, it is also possible to be intolerant to things we inhale. The key difference between allergy and intolerance is the time it takes the body to react. Allergies are usually instant, intolerances can take longer - from minutes to days.
Yes, it is very possible that your eyes will react. The immne system creates a reaction when it is in contact with an "unknown". It's an easy "fix" with Health Kinesiology. Usually a few energetic changes to boost the system and your set!
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