what is the quickest way to get over a hangover?

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The best way is actually to drink lots of water BEFORE you go to bed. This will help you 'dilute' the alcohol during the night and reduce the pounding in your head when you wake up! So try and keep a glass of water by your bed during the night and when you wake up have some more water (or a cup of tea can also help). Also when you wake up in the morning try nibbling on some dry foods such as crackers or dry toast as this will help you get your energy back without making you feel sick.
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Apart from not aggravating the bodys metabolism by starving it of H2O, its important to dilute your stomachs alchohol level.
Drinking a pint or so after a big session normally works for me, saying try not to drink to the point of a nasty taste in ya mouth or when you just breathe alchohol the next day..... watered late night mixes or juices can help the headache!!!! also a nice Full english helps too..... or maybe dont drink in the first place! ;-)
Ayurveda uses Alcohol to kill the bad effects of over dosed Alcohol in the body..!
In Ayurveda we ferment herbs in natural sweeteners like Jaggery or Honey. These herbs have a complete opposite effect to Alcohol consumed the day before, acting to neutralise the overall acidic content , also acting as a nerve/brain tonic, called as Asavas and Arishtams
In regards to diet, lots of room temperature water through out the night/ day to compensate the dehydration effect of Alcohol. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is not to let your palette be dry.
Avoid - Bread, tea, coffee, sour/salty and spicy tastes, papaya, fizzy and cold drinks, citrus fruits, white flour, yeast-bakery food, chick peas, yogurt, kidney beans as these tend to aggravate the effect of hangover and may also disturb your GI tract giving you an upset stomach which could worsen the condition.
Do's- Pomegranates, grapes, pears, rice, mung beans, musk melon, honey dew melon, courgettes, watercress, olives, skimmed or goats warm milk - not to be taken with any food.
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Hydrate with a colonic and speed up the detox pathway in the liver with a coffee enema/implant. The hang over will be gone after that. See link for colonic with coffee implant
Most hang overs are linked to low blood sugar (a rebound action of excess alcohol/sugar) so eating regularly small and often through the day is also really important. Choose nutritious foods such as vegetables and vegetable juices, yogurt with nuts and seeds, whole grains etc
To help with the dehydration of a hangover I would recommend plenty of water, Vitamin C and making a drink from water mixed with kuzu (mountain root starch) or arrowroot mixed with Umeboshi plum (available from health shops, on-line, and some branches of Sainsburys). They are amazing for settling the stomach and balancing the body. Heat gently until the powdery effect goes translucent. You can just look for the plums (sold in a jar) or as a puree or in liquid form and put into food. A bowl of porridge, brown rice or quinoa mixed with maple syrup, brown rice syrup or raw organic honey with some cinnamon and seeds will help balance the blood sugar.
It's a good idea to do this before drinking and take a herbal remedy called milk thistle which will help protect the liver.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and massive doses of Vitamin C work best!! Intravenous C or Lypospheric C are best........
As most of the symptoms of a hangover are because of dehydration (especially headaches) you really want to hydrate as quickly as possible. The easiest way for your body to hydrate is to have water with salt and sugar. Try having a large glass, half with fruit juice, half water and add a pinch of salt.
If you have an unsettled stomach or feel sick, try having a glass of milk, hot or cold. Yoghurt is also quite soothing on the stomach if you feel sick on a hangover.
Choline found in large quantities in meat, fish and eggs can also help a hangover, so a grilled breakfast may also help you! Only have a large breakfast if you don't feel sick. Whole grains also contain choline, so if you don't fancy a grilled breakfast, have wholegrain foods such as ryvita crackers.
Best way is to drink plenty of water and fluids. Secondly a light walk or jog outside will do you a world of good. You might not feel like it but it will help.
lots of water and rest