Can i lipo be used on four or more areas during one treatment which lasts more than 1.30 hr

can i lipo treatment last more than 1 hour to treat 4 + areas?

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All the answer are correct, each session last only for 30 minutes in an area only, after you need exercise to get the results.
Yes what alayne has said is correct. We would also advise to concentrate on a specific area until you are completely satisfied. By targeting one area you will accelerate your progress and not put unnecessary stress on the body. If you would like to talk further about this you can contact us on 07565 557208. Thank you
It doesn't work like that. Each session of 20-30 mins releases upto 500 calories of fat which you then need to work off through exercise. If you had such a long treatment you'd never be able to burn it all off. We concentrate on one problem area per course, so if you have 4 areas to be treated you would need 4 courses. There are 8 sessions in a course.
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