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Question: How can I grow eyebrow on bald spots

Asked by shycat 4 years ago

13 answers

I was born with bare eyebrows, I would like to have nice natural eyebrows

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shangrila 4 years ago

There is a product on the market called Lashfood for brows. Their leaflet claims the product is natural. If you do give it a try I would appreciate feedback for my clients.


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Johamiltonmakeupartist 4 years ago

There are a couple of options..
Use a powder shadow and brush or an eye pencil (make sure they are the right shade) use these to fill in your Bare patches.
You can get tattoos done on your eyebrowns now.. This looks great! They are very natural and look like real hairs ( make sure you go somewhere very professional).
You can now buy serums which go on lashes and brows to make them grow! I have heard these work very well.

SamJarvis 4 years ago

Our semi-permanent makeup and micropigmentation specialist will be able to help. Specialist techniques are used to implant the colour to create natural hair brush stroke brows or block brows for a more dramatic look. These fantastic treatments will appeal to any woman or man who requires greater definition or to create eyebrows. Call 01435 862524 or go to for further information.

lisapawley 4 years ago

you would have to have permanent make-up done, ranges from £100 per treatment, if you do have a few eyebrows than you can have a tint...

Ellereef 4 years ago

Hi there, micropigmentation can work wonders! If done by a reputable, experienced therapist, it will look as natural as possible. The colours can be blended to suit your skin tones, and the shape will be tapered to your face shape and eye arches.
It may be worth having a few consultations with therapists from recommendations to find one you feel happy and comfortable with, as once theyre on, they can last years depeding on the pigment they use.
Good luck!

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

Try rapid lash, if it works on lashes then would probably work on eyebrows aswell. Available from boots, if you google it theres lots of good online reviews.


FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

Latisse works just as well for brows as it does for lashes.

BeautyBySophia 4 years ago

I dont know about brow growth, but i have had clients with such problems, try Elizabeth Arden Dual Perfection brow shaper and eyeliner, perfect shades, easy to use, comes with two brushes in diffent sizes, you will be amazed at the results

clmobilebeauty 4 years ago

You could try semi permanent make up, this would help to fill in the brows and tends to last for about 3-5 years depending on the therapist performing the treatment and the quality of the product used.

HD brows is another very popular eyebrow treatment which comprises of waxing, threading, plucking and trimming the brows to a typical HD shape. The powder that is also used after the treatment is the HD brow palette, this can be purchased at any HD salon or online at the Nouveau Beauty Group website.

Benefit Cosmetics also do a product called 'Brow Zings' you can purchase this at any Benefit counter in the UK and also online. Please see all the links I have found for you and good luck with this!


permanentmakeup 4 years ago

I could fill in the eyebrow with microdermapigmentation

ResidentialBeauty 4 years ago

The lady said she would like to have nice Natural eyebrows!!!

JennyONeill 4 years ago

Definitely try Latisse - which is a prescription. It works fantastically well. email me and I will send you further info.

jennylee 4 years ago

if you was born with no brows the best thing to do is have them tatood on

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