What is the best way to remove cat allergens? A friend is visiting and quite allergic.

I have 2 cats, hardword floors and leather furniture. Is there an easy way to remove the bulk of the allergens before she arrives so she doesn't get sick?
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Really just damp dusting and washing all bedding and soft covers at a hot temperature is your only option , after sending the cats away on a little holiday of their own! Make sure that your friend has all her required medication - maybe suggest that she sees a homeopath to try and cure the allergy too! Good luck
Niki x
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Hoovering and damp clean your floors and furniture to remove most of the allergens, you could also use allergen products available from The Healthy House. http://www.healthy-house.co.uk/category/pet-allergy
I will go for use a steamer with Andiroba Oil and water. In your chatting room find one only place where the cats could not go and then your friend can feel comfortable in fresh,cats free seat near a window or a steamer. That oil will help to relieve any symptom of allergy and give a little ambient to lovely chat together. Have a lovely friendship:-) Iwona
Sorry, for a quick fix you might have to clean really thorough out and suggest she takes allergy pills. Your friend is the one who needs to work on her allergies, get her to contact me for adivice.
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