I've heard that cutting out some dairy products can help with treating bad skin, is this true?

I have read and heard that cutting out cheese from your diet and other dairy products can lead to better skin - is this true?
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Speaking from experience, I switched from cows milk to goats milk, wasn't so keen on the taste but my skin drastically improved!
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Infrequently, dairy can be a cause for skin irritation or problems. However, this is usually associated with a food allergy to dairy products, and will always be accompanied by digestive complaints such as gas and bloating after ingesting any dairy product. The same food allergen can also produce inflammatory products that can further irritate an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, and in those cases, it should be avoided.
Dairy products in themselves are not harmful but when you are already under stress some ingredients in dairy products can tip your immune system into overdrive coming out as a skin reaction. Try stopping cow's milk and cheese and see if it makes a difference in say 2 weeks. Take MSM to calm down the immune system. Then after about six months slowly introduce unpasteurized milk & cheese, goats and sheep's cheese, then unpasteurized milk. Unpasteurized cheese has a different rennet to make it curdle. Once your body is happy with that you can probably go back to cow's milk. Despite what you read on the internet milk, cheese and yoghurt are good for you. Choose cheeses with lower salt like organic gouda not edam, brie, camembert, and cheeses from high pastures like Ossau Iraty. They are less likely to contain additives.
I have had reports from Clients that their skin has improved, however, I would recommend you consult a qualified nutritionist before cutting out any daily products because you could miss out on vital nutrients.
There are a couple of reasons why dairy could be contributing to spots and acne: an intolerance to dairy products or the fact that dairy is very high in estrogen (the cow has to be either pregnant or just given birth to lactate). This will interfere with a woman's hormonal balance which can affect the skin and immune system. There is nothing in milk which is essential and cannot be found in other foods such as calcium and magnesium which can be found in seeds, whole grains and many vegetables. Milk is a source of protein and when substituting milk make sure to get enough protein from other sources. Bowel cleansing can be very helpful in managing a skin condition
Dear Judy
Not going too deep into the components of a female body and all the process it pass throughout life, I would say that you shouldn’t miss protein and calcium from your diet.
In terms of better skin, your body is unique. Your psychosocial and physiological states will affect the quality of your skin not only milk.
What is Milk? Protein, Lactose, Fat, Calcium, etc, etc, etc
Milk alone can’t change your skin, but yes at some stages it can have an affect once combined with other things.
Also try to see the quality of milk you are drink, it will scare you once you find out the difference between real milk and what we get from local store.
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Take care
I have tried to remove dairy from my diet and find that my skin is better.