Should I practise yoga when I've got a cold?

When I've got a cold I really don't feel like practising yoga, even at home. Should I push myself to do it, or give my body a break?
Asked by AngharadM

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Hi , Iam Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
A cold is the body saying, enough already.
Slow down.
I encourage my colon hydrotherapy clients to have a session( if they aren't in the most acute stages )- the body is asking for a clear out .
If taken , before the cold takes hold, it can stop it dead in its tracks.
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When we got cold--That means we have internal heat, so we should rest and drink more water and not to do exercise. It just like an engine in a car if over-heated and not enough engine oil inside, you should let the engine rest. If we don't let the engine rest, we know the consequence. It is just the same as our body...
Hi Angharad M,
I'll be honest with you, I know very little about the practice of yoga in it's physical forms. Though the breathing exercises that are part of pranayama yoga can be beneficial in addressing cold symptoms; especially one nostril breathing.
However, if you practice more physical forms of yoga I would advise you to listen to your body and rest. If you feel like practicing gentle yoga exercises; then do. You know your body the best. Eat lightly, avoid dairy products and drink plenty of fluids e.g. simple herbals - fresh ginger root, mint, fresh lemon slices and honey. Without knowing your constitution and cold symptoms it would be unprofessional to suggest a more specific herbal remedy.
Hello,Namaste darling !
It really depends on how bad your cold is & what your own body tells you. I will have to agree with All suggested answers listed below your question.
You may feel like stretching after a few days of not practicing at all. Try to do the easiest asanas & no breathing if your nose is blocked or runny . You cad definitely try the meditation , a third eye meditation & imagination of your energy boost. But if you body is weak & ill your mind might feel uncomfortable & distracted either by blocked nose,or weakness & cold throat .
Get well soon & my best wishes !!!
I think you have answered your own question really. If you are feeling ill or run down then I wouldnt advise pushing yourself - this only works when youre feeling lethargic or procrastinating!
You could do some gentle restorative poses to help your body benefit from the rest, also you could try using a neti pot to help keep sinus's clear and reduce inflammation.
Other than the above, wrap up warm, drink warming liquids - ginger tea or yogi tea, and get lots of rest.
Dear AngharadM
I invite my students to not attend class if they have flu symptoms eg aching, sneezing & fever, but if it's a mature cold then practice is likely to help. Supported open postures can help to open the airways, inverted postures can help to clear congestion. If you are uncomfortable lying down try sitting with your back to the wall or other support for relaxation. I've always found I feel better after practice, however rotten I feel before hand.
So yes I agree with other posts saying to listen to your body, but why not use some cushions behind you and see hoe that makes you feel.
Give your regular teacher a call, they will know whether you work to hard, or too little and are best placed to advise.
Honey with lemon & ginger is my first line of defence.
Hope you feel better soon.
Hi Angharad, your first thought must always be to be kind to yourself. If you're ill it may be that you simply need rest and you can come back to yoga when you feel restored. Be patient. Please don't force yourself. Try meditating for a few minutes and find your still centre. I think this would be useful for you and before you know it your vitality will be restored and you can then go back to yoga when the time is right,
Sat Nam
You don,t do yoga, but you can do savasana, and take rest.
Instinctively, you don't feel like practicing. I would say listen to your body. Rest. A cold should be allowed to come out so encourage that with ots of liquids and rest. Eat very lightly. If you do this, it should be over quickly.
All this of course depends on your general state of health and the severity of the infection. No yoga til better.
I would just do a very gentle pratice, theres no point pushing yourself when you're feeling bad, but some gentle forward bends like childspose would be nice, and little backbends such as cobra would be good as they are good for immune system. Hope that helpsx
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