Strength training for fat loss - why do you think woman are so tentative to using this?

Strength training for woman is an established method of exericse which if applied appropriately should reduce body fat without the much hyped expectation of building muscle. With this in mind wha tis holding woman back?
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Strength training for women??? Surely thats just strength training that a woman is doing isnt it? Strength training for fat loss? I thought the whole idea of strength training was to make you stronger.


Strength for speed, strength for exceleration, explosive strength, strength for hyperthropy, strength for fat loss; Lets be honest, it's one long sliding scale from a 1RM to strength /endurance challenges such as drop sets or half weight/ double reps (10 rep max followed by 20 reps at 50% of weight lifted).
What is interesting - strength gains can be achieved by as little as 30% of maximum effort - so even a bodyweight squat and press ups will increase in strength, muscle activation and leads to a little hypothrophy, if your muscles are undereveloped - all of which helps increase metabolism. Hence strength training for fat loss.
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It's a combination of 2 things - perception that strength training is only for men (not generally thought of as a fun workout for women) and education (not understanding how strength/resistance training helps to increase the body's metabolic rate - thus burning more calories/fat at rest)
I think the key is making said workouts fun, and easing your client into a strength or resistance programme gradually.
The biggest challenge is arguing the case for resistance training vs. the current craze of classes like zumba. They are great for helping women to do something fun and active but they won't necessarily impact your metabolic rate long-term which is the ultimate goal.
Offer your clients a few sessions, make them fun and once they start to see or feel the benefits they'll be chomping at the bit to do strength and resistance work, mixed in with high intensity training like tabata for example (for a complete workout)
As with most professions Fitness Professionals assume people are more clued up than they actually are ( I still have ladies asking me for a flat stomach the first time they come to a class). Education is the key, keep spreading the gospel as only Fitness Professionals know how. Use yourself as an example, I do, I'm 5'4", size 6 and lift very heavy weights, eyes can't lie.
It's not only women i have found to be tentatvie about strength training for fat loss. Personally i feel that its because people aren't educated enough on effective ways of fat loss, and so so many people who i have had as clients when i asked them about what they have tried before say the same thing over and over again both male and female, which is "I just cut down on takeways and silly food and did a few hours a week on the treadmill" and its so annoying for a PT hear, however you can't blame them because that is all they know. Most people associate Treadmills, X trainers, Spin bikes etc with weight loss and Weight Training as purely strength and getting like Arnie. so my answer ot your question would be that i don't find women tentative i find that they are just in a big ocean of commercialism which is hard to see past, but any client i've had who was unsure of weight training once i've explained to them, they've been raring to get into it.
agree with below on the reasons for women not wanting to weight train, I come across it all the time but after explaining it would take me a whole year to put 2 inches on my biceps, with tens time the ability to do that as a woman, they usually get the picture! but would say five times a week is to much unless you doing a split routine! 2 - 3 times is plenty with the right programme !
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