is there anyway to be allergic to nuts and gluten but have all the tests come back negative?

I've had loads of tests, which all come back negative, but still notice I feel quite bad when I eat nuts or processed grains.
Asked by isabellewahanda

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Hi Isabelle, unfortunately allergy tests are never 100% accurate and the best way to keep healthy is to avoid the offending foods for a few weeks to cleanse the system (and maybe have one of my legendary lymphatic drainage massages)
Big hug and looking forward to seeing you soon in London xxx
Hi Isabelle,
no test is 100% accurate but your body is! If it is telling you that these foods are a problem then it makes sense to leave them alone. I agree that it could well be intolerance rather than allergy and there are number of routes to help clear these but the first step is to eliminate these food from your diet completely for at least a month to give your body a chance to clear the toxins.


Hi Isabelle
You have had lots of advice here about the intolerance possibility and elimination from your diet all good advice. But in answer to your question yes the blood tests are looking for antibodies to the food you are either intolerant to or allergic too, if you have the test when you have already stopped eating these foods for a few weeks the tests will come back negative, however the best thing listen to your body and stop eating things you know are upsetting your system.
As Jim Rohn said "look after your body its the only place you have to live
Hi Isabelle
Generally, when the body has an imbalance or intolerance to foods or other allergens e.g. pollen. You may experience a slump in your energy levels, as well as feeling lethargic, irritable, itchy, gassy or just plain uncomfortable. Using bio-feedback of your body to determine which nuts or grains can be determined in minutes. The body doesn't lie.
Allergies and intolerances can also be calmed and reversed; so they are no longer an issue. Kinesiology techniques combined with EFT so you become free of food intolerances and improve overall energy levels. These take minutes to share with you. Give me a quick call should you want to book a session with me. John 01933439655
yes dont eat them stay off them for 30 day did you get test for parasites there is 35000 of the and most dr do look for them but i do if you do see your dr he will not know what to with diet and lifestyle i do the all this with my client you need to get lab test see what going on deep i have skin go good after the client do all need to have a look at the link
Hi Isabelle - we are all becoming much more sensitive, and I feel the tests can be a bit like 'blunt instruments' at times. I find that working at the energetic and informational level with computer bio-resonance often identifies 'allergies' and 'intolerances' at a very deep level - emotional, perhaps, which can then be treated energetically and informationally which seems to solve things. Call me if this resonates with you. Bonni 01635 253274
It is probably an intolerance rather than an allergy which is not life threatening but can cause enough symptoms to make life uncomfortable and miserable. Kinesiology is a very good way of identifying what is going on and how to deal with it. I hope you find someone in your area who can help you.
Hello Isabelle. The traditional tests only base their results on an isolated immune system. If you deal with problem with health Kinesiology we can actually address these symptoms and energetically boost your system so it can deal with these products. Contact me if you would like to book in. Franky 07815869598
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