Someone told me that regular sex balances out your hormones. Is this true or an old wives tale?

I have adult acne and it appears to be hormone related in that it is around the jaw line. I'm looking for natural ways to balance these out and clear up my skin.
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Hi Isabelle
Thank you for your question. Regular sex may balance the hormonal levels of some people; though everyone is unique. The hormone responsible for libido is testosterone which is present in men and women. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, testosterone and other androgens as warm or hot in energy; and female hormones as cold in energy.
When there is an imbalance in hormonal levels, including stress hormones e.g. cortisol, this can lead to stuck energy in the body; which generates heat and inflammation. Other factors that also create 'heat' in the body include stress and dietary imbalances. All acne is related to hormonal imbalances; and may develop in the skin of some women prior to the start of their menstrual cycle.
Natural ways of rebalancing health, hormones and energies within the body include a healthy, balanced diet; relaxation; herbal medicines and exercise - which can also include sex. However, excessive sexual activity will deplete the energies of any man or woman. Excess is subjective, depending on the person.
Kind regards
Herbal Spirit
Perhaps you selected the wrong site for your inquiry?
Hi Isabelle,
There are lots of stories and research about sex and acne. Some say it helps, other say it makes it worse, most just end up saying more research is needed!
In the broadest sense no one doubts there's a relationship between sex hormones and the condition of your skin and hair. The main hormone culprit is testosterone - both women and men produce this.
Sex hormones, are produced all the time and not just when you have sex. A very tiny amount of extra testosterone is produced during sex. So whether sexual exercise per se will influences the levels of hormone enough to impact on acne, nobody really knows.
On the plus side regular sex can be a great way to exercise, build up confidence and get rid of stress, all of which can help with looking and feeling better about yourself.
Sorry there isn't anything more conclusive.
Good luck!
Dr Libby
Hi Isabelle,
Yes the capsules are packed full of live antioxidants that increase circulation to the skin allowing greater flow of nutrients and natural healing of skin problems, improving elasticity, improving hydration and eventually easing fine lines.
The capsules are 26 organic wholefood fruit, vegetables and berries processed to enable all the phytonutrients and enzymes to be 'live'. They are pure and have no additives. You can visit and play the video for more indepth information.
Kind Regards,
Jan Cassells
Try Myofascial release it releases all the restrictions allowing the nutrients and blood to flow to the affected areas
Hi Isabelle,
It is one theory yes, but I have not seen any scientific research on it!! However, I have seen the scientific (double blind, placebo controlled) research on some extremely interesting capsules that will not only clear your skin up naturally, but will help to balance your hormones, strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation and inflammatory response in the body, improve several cardiovascular markers, increase energy and athletic performance and slow down the ageing process both within and externally.
I have been taking them for seven weeks now and they have sorted out my metabolism too as I have lost a stone in weight as well as clearing my acne rosacea along with other positive benefits.
Kind Regards,
Jan Cassells