is there any way to naturally balance your hormones?

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Reiki is a great stress buster, which you need to keep to a minimum, also there is a book titled "Balancing Hormones Naturally" by Kate Neil & Patrick Holford, published by Piatkus (, regards San, reiki-torbay
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all the answers below are good but taking 5htp is brilliant as well look it up on the internet
Absolutely, there can be many reasons why hormones become unbalanced and all areas should be investigated.
There are many hormones that can become imbalanced in the body and mostly these have a knock on effect with other hormones. for example. Stress causes the body to create stress hormones, these can then impact on sex hormones and the thyroid as well as blood sugar imbalances which involves the hormone insulin.

Nutrient deficiencies can play a bit part and many people don't realise but so can digestive health - good bacteria is necessary to reduce a marker in the gut that helps to prevent the removal of excess and broken down hormones and the liver needs to function well to be able to break down the hormones in the first place.
Lifestyle tips should also be followed as many cosmetics, cleaning products and plastics have a hormone disrupting effect in the body so should be avoided where possible.
Overall it really depends on how your hormones are imbalanced as someone with low oestrogen - such as a menopausal woman would follow a programme that was different to someone with high oestrogen - associated with female health problems such as PMS and fibroids. A man with low or high testosterone would also need to approach this in different ways.
As HealtTheBody said - stress is important to get under control. Diet plays a big part, especially keeping blood sugar stable. Exercise plays a huge part as does getting enough sleep.
I am assuming that by 'hormone imbalance' and being a female that you are talking about female hormones, so here's more.
If you get regular low back pain associated with your problems, go get your spine looked at by an osteopath or chiropractor.
Get your liver checked or 'cleanse it' - the best supplement for that is Immunocal -
Also consider getting levels of hormones such as progesterone checked via a saliva test, such as that by Genova as you may need Natural Progesterone Cream. If this is the case, the best female hormone specialist is Judy Evans -
Diet and exercise help your body to naturally balance hormones. Magnesium and vitamin B complex play also an important role in hormone balance.
Be aware that introduction of any synthetic hormones like e.g. birth control can have a negative effect.
Acupuncture has been shown to help balance hormone levels by addressing the route cause of the problem.
I highly recommend trying EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique and reading Donna Eden's 'Energy Medicine for Women' book. Both use and increase the natural healing abilities of our bodies.
EFT can be used for the physical aspects as well as for the emotional/ psychological aspects of hormone imbalances.

Visit for free guidance and instructions on how to begin EFT.
In the beginning it is helpful to be very specific and deal with these issues separately. Physically the hormone imbalances create stress because the body perceives something is out of balance. It often goes into fight or flight mode producing tons of adrenalin to prepare you for the perceived battle. It is this excessive amount of adrenalin that is produced that causes mood swings, panic, depression and a host of other uncomfortable feelings and emotions.
You could begin by tapping while saying "even though I have this hormone imbalance that is causing excessive amounts of adrenalin to be produced, making me feel _____________, and I deeply and completely accept myself."
Then you could move to "even though I have this hormone imbalance, I am choosing to know that my body can rebalanced and heal itself in the same way that I honor how remarkable it truly is." Once you have dealt with the physical aspects then move on to any negative emotions and feelings. Release and replace them with positive self talk.
Good Luck & Best Wishes.
Stress is a major factor in hormone imbalance. And under prolonged stress, your adrenal glands (which produce stress fighting hormones) can't continue to do their job.
Hormone imbalances can be caused by yo-yo dieting, medications, painkillers, stimulants like caffeine, toxins and hormones from pesticides in our food, pollution from tap water,
Artificial sweeteners can all interfere with our natural hormone balance.
How to Balance Hormones Naturally
• Natural high fibre foods (Bran, Peas, lentils whole grains, fruit & veg)
• Nutritious green vegetables Raw (spinach and watercress ) (blueberries, red grapes and citrus fruits)
• Essential fatty acids (olive oil, omega 3 fish, avocados, seeds and nuts)
• Increase fluid intake
• Weight loss
• Exercise (Balance the hormones and restore the health)
• Relaxation techniques (meditation, deep breathing or yoga).
• Make sure you get a good night's sleep every night.
Research, educate yourself then you can make the right choices for your health.
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