Advice on sensitive/combination skincare - has anyone tried Trilogy sensitive range or Avene?

I have both sensitive and combination skin. I like the sound of Trilogy but not sure if using oil based cleansers and moisturisers would cause clogged pores or not?
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Hi Jess,
I'm not sure if you've tried Pai before but we're a certified organic range for sensitive skin. All of our products are completely irritant-free and we select only the purest organic extracts with proven skin-soothing benefits.
If you have combination skin then you don't need to avoid all oils, as they're essential for keeping skin soft, supple and healthy. Instead you need to avoid certain kinds of rich, fatty oils that will overload your skin and may cause blemishes.
All of the products in the Pai range are formulated first with sensitive skin in mind, and then to treat any secondary concerns. Our Geranium & Thistle Combination Skin Cream for example actively rebalances skin, decongests pores and reduces their size. As it does not contain beeswax it is also non-comedogenic.
Take a look:
It also comes in 5ml format as part of our free sample set.
Hope of help!
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Hey guys!!I am very conscious about the skin care matters.So we should be take
care of the skin.I know about the some skin care tips...
1. Consider you water
2. Drink green tea
3. Keep Stress in check
4. Improve your air quality
5. Watch sun exposure indoors.
Before investing in any product for your skin type, make sure that is hypoallergenic. I recommend wearing hypoallergenic makeup as well.
Be aware that ingredients like parabens used in products can cause negative skin reactions.
Hi Jess
I have super sensitive, perhaps even intolerant skin and I swear by Avene since discovering them last year - their products are very gentle and I've never reacted to it. I tend to find more natural products in general are better suited to sensitive skin, so I also use a lot of Liz Earle products (can't live without the hot cloth cleanser) and am currently trying out Klorane too.
Here's more on my blog regarding Avene:
Hope it helps!
No, I don't know Trilogy or Avene, you should ask advice with beauty therapists.
There are many products on the marketing, get some free samples before investing in them.
No, I have not tried either Trilogy or Avene. Since you seem to have questions about these products, I would suggest that you find out if you could get some 'samples' of these products before investing in them. Find out how your skin reacts to them before buying them and using them consistently.
I would not recommend oil based cosmetics for your skin. I am not sure about Avene or Trilogy but there is one brand called pharmacerisT where you can find products for both sensitive and combination skin even prone to acne.
find pharmacerisT line on
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I have not actually tried it myself, but if you are interested I make my own range of Fresh Natural & Organic Skincare that will not clog pores and is PH balanced. I have testimonials from clients with skincare condition. My email address is if you want to ask me anything and my website is...
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