Does anyone know of any scientific research into the benefits of Astanga yoga for weight loss?

Does Astanga increase the metabolism? Is there any medical paper that substantiates this claim?
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Hi there. Don't have any scientific proof, but I teach and practice Ashtanga Yoga, so do know that it does work you aerobically, because it raises the heart rate, gets you to sweat, so if you are doing it correctly, can have a beneficial effect on the metabolism and help you to lose weight. As well as all the other added benefits that yoga has over and above any other form of "exercise". It works mind/body, and becomes a moving meditation, working with breath synchronised movements. Also allowing the internal organs to be massaged and worked.
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look at Madonna she looks good and she does yoga I am about to start bikaram yoga in the lanes which is hot yoga apparently you bun 1000 calories in 1 hour and 30 mins Brighton sounds brilliant hula hooping is great as well
Hi Paola, Ashtanga Yoga do provide an aerobic workout and help building muscle, which are two important component for weight loss.
As for increasing metabolism, as for all aerobic activities, your body will burn a little bit more calories just after your workout, but most importantly is the building of muscles that actually will increase your rest metabolism, as muscle will burn more energy that fat.
This is common to all fitness activity though, not specifically to Ashtanga Yoga.
Hope this help, Claudia
Hello there,
Ncie to see your query for Astanga Yoga. There is an institute in India called Patanjali Yogpeeth, does all types of researches in Breathing techniques and Astanga Yoga. I am aware of specific breathing technique called Kapalbhati is proven to reduce weight along with various Yoga postures.
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