I need help minimising thread veins on my face and legs. I need something that has a lasting effect,

I have had laser treatment on my face, which at first was very effective on some areas. Unfortunately despite rigorous application of suncream they are returning. I am also having injection in my legs but these seem to be having little effect.
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Hi , actually the thread veins can return it depends very much on what is causing them..Electrolysis will cauterise the thread veins depending on the depth and cause is highly efficient i dont know where you are based but http://www.electrolysis2holisticschristchurch.vpweb.co.uk take a look and if you need any more assistance i will be pleased to help.
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I have an aesthetic nurse come into the salon once a month for a clinic. Visit my page for details and if you'd like contact me and I can book you in. The next is on 15 October
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returning on the face is most unusual. are you sure it was laser and not ipl ?
my suggestion is nd:yag laser on both. call us for more info.
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