i am a smoker would i benefit from teeth whitening procedure?

Asked by jacqui67

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Yes you would. people who have stained teeth from smoking, drinking tea, coffee, read wine etc..... can also have lovely white teeth. With teeth whitening we remove all of the years of staining from your teeth to leave a beautiful white smile. Having a lovely white smile give us more confidence to smile more and smiling more akes us happy people....
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Hi Jacqui! Yes the ideal treatment for you would be a good scale and polish to remove surface dirt and stains - then either Zoom or Enlighten whitening completed by a qualified dentist - see our http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel for deonstartions of teeth whitening procedures and more information of how this can transform your smile.


The Zoom system contains 25% peroxide and is illegal for dentists to use.
As everyone says - smoking and whitening do not really mix hugely well as your teeth are slightly more absorbent of the stains following whitening.
Why don't you try some air-polishing as a first step, as this can be all that you need to get rid of most of the staining relatively easily and at far lower cost.
Yes,smokers get excellant results with teeth whitening,although you would have to be sure your teeth and gums were healthy enough to have the treatment.Due to the staining from the smoking obviously you would find that the effects would not last as long,as a non-smoker.However I always recommend a good home care regimen which means you get as long as possible benefit from the treatment.I also offer top=up treatments that are very popular with my clents who smoke.
You would certainly benefit from whitening. All whitening treatments fade so I would recomend you get professionally made whitening trays fitted. Then when the colour begins to fade you can top the whitening up and keep them looking white. If yu are in the London area Smilepod offers completly free whitening consultations. Call us on 0207 836 6866 and ask for an appointment. Harvey
Hugely so. Everyone, smoker or not, will notice a difference, however, it does appear that the worse the staining (ie, smokers, curry eaters or coffee, coke and red wine drinkers) find they get the best results. I did 2 recently whose teeth were healthy but very discoloured, and in both cases they went over 20 shades lighter, if not 30! So, yes, it will definitely work well on your teeth.
When you have your teeth whitened if you go for the bright whitening you MUST NOT smoke for a good few hours afterwards because the tooth with absorb the nicotine and discolour them again worse than before if you can go without a ciggy for a few hours then have it done.


You shouldn't smoke for approx 4 hours post treatment, although I have known clients to walk out the door and light up immediately! I do offer a superb aftercare treatment for you to use at home, so that you can top up your treatment to ensure the teeth are conditioned and stay white.