Would this be suitable after a hip replacement

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I have treated post operative hip replacement patients from 8wks post op.
You will ideally need to find a pilates instructor who can liaise with your physio as there are specific restrictions as Fitskool mentions.
If you can find a small class - I only take 4/5 people per class - that would be ideal, or a personal trainer who incorporates Pilates and rehabilitation in one to one sessions.
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Most type of exercise is good after a hip replacement. However there should be 6-10 weeks of recover with gentle exercise prescribed from a phystio depending on the individual. Any type of hip/leg strengthening is advised. Rule of thumb is NEVER after the operation should the leg be brought across the opposite side of body. For example if the left hip as been operated on then never fully cross the left leg over to the right side of the body during exerices so no grapevines in aerobics or seated glute streatches!. Otherwise the leg/hip could pop out! Hope this helped Jane Dowling. http://www.fitnessforeverybody.co.uk. 16 years experience in clinical exercise.
You need to recover and take a physiotherapy first and only when you are well enough, you can start gentle exercises. I would suggest exercising in a controlled environment (not a group Pilates classes) but in a physio centre.
Hi there Lesley, If you wish to call me on 07780665223 I will be happy to discuss the procedure you had, when you had a hip replacement and what exercises will be appropriate. I hope this helps. Paola Ash c/o HealthworksPractice. (Reg. Osteopath).
You wil need a period of recovery and physiotherapy following your surgery, and you will need clearance from your surgeon before starting any other programme of activity. Any side lying or hip abduction exercises, and some others might be contra-indicated. I would advise talking to your physiotherapist first as they usually have a good undertanding of the Pilates method and also your medical background and current fitness levels. The physio might also be able to reccomend a good teacher.


You do not only need to restrict yourself to physio, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic are all excellent alternatives
It depends on what kind of hip replacement you have had & on your expectations of doing pilates. Consult with your doctor/surgeon first. There are some sets of pilates exercises that you should avoid.
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