anyone had laser hair removal before?please tell me experience?any effect skin condition after that?

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Hello I have had Laser Hair Removal at my clinic. It has worked really well for me. I am fair skinned and have lots of dark hair and it has been amazing. I have had my armpits, facial hair, lower legs and forearms done so far. It can sting in certain areas but only for a milisecond. There was a little redness on my upper lip for about 15 minutes after each treatment otherwise no evidence I had had anything done (apart from no hair regrowth :-) )
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We have had the Ellipse IPL system in our salon for the past seven years and some staff have been using the system prior to that time also. We were regulated until recently by the Quality Care Commission and had to fultfil robust guidelines in the same manner as anyone using the system, clinic or salon. We continue to use a lazer care consultant and continue to follow similar guidelines. The Ellipse IPL hair removal system gives excellent results and our clients have been extremely happy. My point is, anyone taking this treatment should have the best possible experience and quality of treatment and a suitable venue may not automatically be a "clinic" but may be a good salon.
I had IPL a few years back, however I do need more treatment. I initially had booked to have my full legs done but I don't think the therapist was very good. She called me back too early between treatments & because of this the hairs appeared to have gone & she suggested I used my "time" for other areas which I did
The outcome - the bottom half of my legs were successful - I now shave once every 6 months (as opposed to every other day) & the hairs are very fine. The top half of my legs still need doing (they are finer but not gone) I am not totally happy that I got the full treatment on this area, the same with my chin & upper lip
I have fair skin with freckles (which they say is not recommended but it seemed to work for me)
All this said, I would recommend this treatment just make sure the therapist is good
Hi I am inexperienced nurse and have an intellibirite ilplsystem at my clinic inhalifax, west Yorkshire. I would recommend that you go and see the practice and practitioner before committing and have an assessment as to your suitability and advice on likely outcome. Good luck! I have sensitive skin fair with dark hairs and had no problems worked well for me though you do often have to have some re treatment one year to eighteen months later.


sorry about the spelling error should have read,' I am an experienced nurse' and machine is IPL system
hello I have just finished my IPL laser treatment on on my face and I have fair downy hair.It actually looks worse now then it did before and I would definitely look into it more ! I would highly recommend to go to a proper laser clinic instead of a beauty salon.The experience is not as bad as you think, its feels like a quick elastic band pinging at you and you do go a little red after but soon goes down. As I say all my hair has grown back and I am more paranoid then ever!So please please look around and go into clinic and actually talk to their clients that are having it done and go via their good recontamination ! xx