Anyone know any good home remedies to soothe a sore throat?

Anything I can mix up that I can eat/drink to help soothe my sore throat? I'm not a fan of gargling!
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you can try borracca if thats how its spelt et a clove of garlic or you can mix with 1 chilli one garlic lemon and honey and the borracca works a treat it is not plesent so add only little water not much


Interesting, have not heard a suggestion like this before! am intrigued...shall give it a go.
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Try gargling with tea made from sage leaves (you can buy them from most supermarkets )
Steaming is really good you can buy one from boots, just fill it with hot water and breathe. If it really bad you should go on vocal rest as much as possible
It depends on what is causing the sore throat.
Qucik fix is def something soothing such as tradtional honey mix however dont forget to drink liquids and make sure that they are luke warm too hot or cold will only make things worse. If it continues for more than a few days then head to the walk in centre just to make sure.
Manuka Honey with drops of lemon and grated ginger are perfect for a sore throat.
Use manuka honey for ite therapeautic properties, The higher the UMF the more antibacterial it is. Add some fresh lemon and hot water. = no sore throat.
Honey, ginger root and lemon in some warm water.
My mum always do Lemon juice mix with sea salt ( mix it ) and drink.
other staff hot milk with honey
Heat some honey until it gets liquid, add some drops of lemon. Drink a full spoon 3 to 4 times a day.
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