My daughter wants to have laser hair removal. How can she be sure about the qualifications of the th

I contacted the care quality commission who said that laser hair removal for cosmetic reasons doesn't have to registered with them so how can I ensure that a salon know what they are doing?
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Hello Jane,
In our clinic, not only all the therapists have their NVQ level 3 and they received intensive training during the year, but also, all our treatments are supervised by doctors.
More than that we use the safest and pain free laser in the market.
Our value is using the safest, comfortable and efficient technology to give the best treatments.
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Salons do not need to be regulated by the cqc and dont think that there is atnything bad about this. I would find that any respectable therapist would not perform these treatments without proper training. I am a level 3 therapist who is qualified in ipl laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation therapy, tattoo removal etc. I am very professional and always carry out a thorough client consultation and patch test all clients. Using medical professionals can be expensive and in the current climate not everyone can afford this. I would just make sure whoever you use whether it be a medical prof or salon that you can see there certificates to ensure that they have had sufficient training.
We only use doctors or nurses to do our treatments so all our staff are extensively qualified. Most salons and clinics will more than happily discuss their training levels and experience if asked. The Care Quality Commission used to regulate all Laser users but no longer does and there are not currently any regulators (althouh local councils are likely to take this on in the near future).
For Laser Hair Removal to be effective you firstly need to ensure the clinic you choose are using a powerful enough laser that is able to treat ALL skin types. You secondly need to ensure the laser is being handled by medical professionals who are lasser qualified and insured.
At MBNS Clinic we have been using lasers and offering laser hair removal for over 10 years - our nurses are trainers themselves in this field and highly qualified. We use the most powerful lasers on the market which means that you will achieve your goals in less time. For full details please our website.
Check they are a qualified therapist / practitioner, you should always recieve a consultation and have a skin rest to assure you will not have any adverse reactions.
It gets great results, well done in doing your research first. Beauty therapist! are very Knowledgeable when trained at a reputable school college, Beauty salons can also offer electrolisis, waxing, dipilary.
Beauty salons do not need to be regulated with the Care Quality Commission, since it has been de-regulated by the government in Oct 10. However I would strongly recommend that you choose a clinic that is regulated - a medical cosmetic clinic such as Suffolk Medical Clinic, which provides all laser and IPL treatments by qualified nursing and medical practitioners only. Laser hair removal is very successful, but in the wrong hands can cause problems. Nursing and medical practitioners do have to be regulated by the CQC and have a Laser Advisor as well who is also regulated.
Hope this helps. By all means phone me if you would like further information, 01787 211000
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