anyone have any good cold remedies?

I have a sore throat, stuffy head and feel quite faint. What is the best way to get through it quickly?
Asked by isabellewahanda

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Hi Isabelle
Vitamin C is the obvious choice to get plenty of with lots of water and bed rest. You can also take echinacea which is a herbal supplement that strengthens the immune system and stop infection by bacteria in the body. Also a personal favourite of mine is Honey, Ginger and Lemon tea that always speeds up a cold for me.
Rest well and get better soon
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Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
Would you believe a colonic can help! Why because the gut and the chest both tend to collect debris( mucus buildup ) . Simplistically ,when the lower body elimination isn't perfect, toxins build up, and backs up upwards .With a cold theres mucus buildup in the colon too! A cold is one way body tries to discharge excess mucus.
Thus, when lower body elimination is supported ( by a colonic ) ,often the cold goes away , or reduces in intensity or duration.
Isn't the body just wonderful?


Thanks, Julia.
Hi Isabelle
In addition to all the excellent advice given by so many other people you could also try an enema or a colonic. I feel that we often fall ill, when our body needs cleansing. So these two treatments can give immediate relief.
You could also try taking some raw manuka honey in warm water to boost your immune system and ease the sore throat.
I find gargling with warm/hot (as hot as you can bear) with a drop of some essential oil that you like (i like tea tree at the beginning of the day and maybe lemon towards the evening), ver soothing for a sore throat and the essential oils help fight the infection as well.
Another reason we can fall ill is when we have been pushing our body hard and the body is asking us to slow down. So in this case I find receiving a Reiki treatment to be very beneficial.
For building immunity over long term, I have found Reiki to be the most effective for myself. I learnt Reiki 10 years ago. I have been giving myself a Reiki treatment everyday. Over the years I find that I do not fall ill as often as I used to. When I do fall ill, I find that I recover quite quickly.
Everytime I am feeling unwell, I receive a Reiki treatment from someone else and it always help.
If you would like to find out about receiving a Reiki treatment or learning Reiki please visit my website on
Echinacia tablets brilliant at boosting the immune system and speeding up recovery
Hi Isabelle, I hope you are feeling a bit better. As I mentioned to you on Saturday lymphatic drainage should help but you need to keep at it...
Hot yoga is also very effective as well as massive doses of vitamin C (more than 1 gram a day).
Take care,
if you improve the number of anti oxidants in your body your immune system will improve helping you to fight cold like symptons.
we recommend lifepak and offer a money back guarantee if you take the products consecutively for 3 months and attend a monthly scan session with us
Try rasberry vinigar, there is different ways to use it for sore throats and colds.
Lots of raw garlic Isabelle- it is a natural antibiotic and you're cold won't stand a chance against it for long! Also steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in will ease your stuffy head.
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