is there any other way to remove thread veins ?

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We here at the Skin & Laser Clinic can remove Thread Veins using an ND YAG Laser. You normally need more than one treatment but we can assess this during a consultation. Our consultations here are completely complimentary and our Dr's and Nurses are qualified to the highest standard in this field. Please call to make an appointment on 01892 535577 The Skin & Laser Clinic is based in Tunbridge Wells Kent.
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Nd Yag laser treatment is very effective at removing leg and facial veins
There is a simple treatment called Sclerotherapy which can provide a solution for smaller veins, larger veins may require a different technology called Laser. You will be advised if you need one, or a combination of these two treatments upon consultation.
On average, three treatments are required with a spacing of 4-12 weeks, depending on the treatment and size of veins.
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Hi Sim - at Tracey Bell Clinics we swear by IPL Intense Pulsed Light and its ability to minimise and remove redness and thread veins - this treatment also has the benefit of removing sun damage and plumping collagen for an improved complexion. See our web link for more information and catch us on our youtube videos for demonstrations of the treatment in action.
Yes, we can perform a treatment known as medical skin needling, which has been shown to reduce the impact of thread veins and red veins, when used in conjunction with skin preparations from the Environ Skincare range, which helps support and strengthen the skin structures. Of course it's always difficult to give a complete answer without having seen the extent of the damage to the vessels.
Any product that you apply to the skin on it's own will not give you the kind of results that you would be looking for, but might help in reducing the redness temporarily.
There are other methods for reducing thread veins, which involve introducing a small needle into the vessel, in an effort to cauterise it. You would need to look for a good, qualified practitoner to perform this treatment for you.
Thread veins can be treated in a number of ways including laser, electrolysis, sclerotherapy injection, traditional vein stripping surgery and newer Endovascular Laser Ablation surgery. The best option for your veins depends on their size and location. Most thread veins on the legs are due to underlying varicose veins and the superficial treatments tend to be a temporary fix. Definite diagnose of cause is done by ultrasound which will identify any 'leaky valves' in the leg causing the veins. Surgery is the only permanent fix, whilst the others close the current thread veins, but more will develop.
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