how safe is semi permanent make up on eyes as eyeliner and how long does it last?

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Semi-permanent make-up should be completely safe as long as you have a certified/trained professional administering the procedure(s). However, I would suggest that you request a consultation before making your decision about where to go. You may also want to request seeing photos of their work. Before and after photos. And, be sure to check out the cleanliness of the facility while you are there for your consultation.
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I had my eyeliner & eyebrows done last year by a brilliant semi permanent make up technician i found on She was REALLY good and my make up looks fantastic!!! I would definitely recommend getting it done as its not too painful and lasts for years! :-) I looked around for quite a bit and this seems to be the BEST place to find a technician as they are all top notch experienced technicians on there. I was very happy with mine :-D
hi,the semi pernament make up last for ever!!! 1st application take 1,2 hrs,then after 10 days u have to have tuch up,then u have to be verry strikt with sunbeds,and sun!!!then 1 year or more caming for tuch up!!!is verry natural verry nice
As long as you have it done by a professional it should be fine but make sure you go under recommendation. One of my clients had her eyebrows done and they went orange and they have never faded, 10 years on she still has orange eyebrows.
Semi-permament make-up is very safe if you go to the right place where the therapist knows what she/he is doing. It will last you for a few years. eyeliner on the upper lid is £200 and the bottom eyeliner is £210 at Body Silk Clinic. Pls feel free to give us a call if you have any questions 02072835800
As long as you go to a fully qualified and insured semi-permanent make-up artist then it is completely safe. They will go through any contra-indications and recommend the best way forward for yourself. My semi-permanent has lasted 5yrs and I have had it done twice.
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