Can turmeric help to keep you healthy?

I have been recommended to take a teaspoon of turmeric a day stirred into warm milk to help with general health & any ailments. Does anyone do this/know if it is beneficial?
Asked by AngharadM

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Hi yes it definalty helps ... when my ezema flares up i have honey and tumeric and whin weeks it cures it
It also helps with weight loss
and works as a natural antibiotic and heals infections
I hope this helps
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Turmeric is a very powerful antioxidant and will help with a variety of conditions but caution should be taken as turmeric is a natural blood thinner.
It’s not just one nutrient that will help you with good health. A balanced diet and Healthier lifestyle choices will help the body rejuvenate, heal and prevent any disease form happening in the first place.
Add a little black pepper to the mix and it dramtically increases the bioavailability and benefits.
I use if for skin problems, and a long list of other ailments - it's a natural anti-inflamatory. I can't stomach it in milk so I bought empty capsules at the pharmacy and fill them with a teaspoon of tumeric each =)
Yes, this may be beneficial to you. I would recommend almond milk instead of dairy if your ok with nuts. Studies have shown to be anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and boostis immunity. Good liver tonic. Good start to adding into your diet. I recommend a wide variety of fresh organic produce and if you can find a local eastern supermarket that can sell organic turmeric and obviously fresh would be even better x
Deepak Chopra reccomends Tumeric in warn milk.