Cure for shin splints?

I have been dealing with shin splints on and off since I was a kid due to a low/nonexistent arch. I've used heating pads and done exercises before running and ice baths afterward but nothing seems to keep them away. Anyone have any creative suggestions?
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I would certainly suggest getting specialist shoes and possibly go and get your gait checked out so the correct shoes with support can be given to you. Agree with Stock Health in that you need to regularly massage it so relieve the tense area from rubbing and stretch it to increase blood and oxygen flow to it.


I have custom orthotics and wear supportive shoes. I had my gait checked a few years ago and it's probably time to have it done again. Will definitely get sports massages more often to help!
Do you get pain anywhere else or just the shins? As in some cases it is also due to a muscular imbalance.
It typically starts in my achilles/lower calf, then as it progresses the pain starts in my shins.
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anti-inflammatories from doctors will take the pain and swelling down much quicker than anything else. and good supported quality running trainers to take the impact!! stretch's before and after exercise !! experience in this !
If your shin splints are still a problem let me know, as I have a few suggestions.
I just iced them, but pretty much ran through them. I think my muscles built up as I ran and I no longer get them. Make sure you stretch. There was a great stretch my P.T told me to do to get flexion in that area. It's hard to type so maybe Google it but you go barefooted and put your toes on the floor, they will bend back slightly and this apparently helps to stretch the shin muscle. Worked for me!
Keep at it as they will ease :0)
I'm assuming you've checked your trainers etc out and there is no other injury. If not I would make sure my trainers are the right type first.


Thank you! I haven't tried that stretch before so hopefully that will be the magic trick!
I used to suffer from shin splints when I was running - went to the doctors who said I had to give it up as there is a danger of a serious fracture that would need surgery to fix. I haven't really run much since (although I still get shin splints if I'm walking a lot). Giving up forever is a bit grim but it might be worth considering resting for a bit to take the pressure off your shins.
Hi take a long break, you said you have had this since a kid , so find some other form of exercise that you enjoy that takes the pressure of the shins. I no this is a hard thing to do but the body may just need the rest.
Specialised shoe's to help give your foot full support can create huge improvements and can be purchased for the same price of a more expensive trainer for around £70-100. Try using a heat pack prior to exercising to help relax the muscle and you can also try massaging the muscle running down your shin using some moisturiser. Regularly stretch your shin after by pushing your toes into the ground to help alleviate pressure and try doing a lot of calf exercises to help strengthen that area to help support. I hope a few of these ideas can help as they have helped for a few of my clients suffering from shin splints in the past.
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