What are the most effective ways to reduce stress?

Stress can't be eliminated. What are a few easy and quick ways to reduce stress anytime?
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Hi Isabelle, during endless conversations with both clients and fellow practitioners I have learned that stress boils down to mental attitude. It's the way we react to external factors.
Therefore, you need to learn coping mechanisms to confront your daily challenges without feeling overwhelmed.
Some of my clients swear by cognitive behavioural therapy, others by meditation, others by yoga, others by counselling.... the list goes on.
It all depends on your personality and attitude towards complementary therapies: the more intuitive people tend to favour meditation while the sensory ones (factual/scientific types) prefer CBT (or even medication in extreme cases).
The best advice I was given is to use a distraction strategy: when you feel overwhelmed, shift your focus to something else, be it your surroundings, other people or other thoughts.
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Learn to use your breath - simply and very quick technique, breath in for 4, hold for 2, breath out for 4, hold for 2, stay with this. Can be done any time any place, calms the pulse, reduces blood pressure and anchors the mind
So many wonderful ideas and strategies already given......so i would just like to add what works for me and that is Chi Kung or Qi Gong......is a simple exercise system that includes gentle movement, deep breathing and a positive intention for healling. This creates a coming back to our natural state, releasing tension, revitalising the body and energy system and a more peaceful mind.
It only takes a few minutes to calm your emotions and connect to the power within, so you can deal with lifes challenges from a more empowered state.
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Stress is a belief and a perception within a person, were by they believe they can't cope. By Training your thoughts and feelings into a more positive state, and working on the belief that all is well and you can manage will reduce feelings of stress
People are often trying to fit too much into a day so working out a timetable can be a good way to reduce time pressure and be realistic about what is possible. If the stress is coming from within because you're putting pressure on yourself then stand back and look at yourself objectively. Are you being too hard on yourself? Balance is the most important thing. If you're working hard then take some time out to rest (even just a short time). If you worry a lot then think about the things that go well. Hypnotherapy can be a good way to help change perceptions and to relax. If you learn self hypnosis or something like EFT or Chinosis then you can take them anywhere with you so you can reduce stress any time.
Stress is a normal occurrence in our lives, but too much stress can lead to serious health problems: Cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure,
Depression, Migraine, Insomnia, Dementia, Multiple sclerosis, Digestive problems,
Rheumatoid Arthritis, acne, eczema.........
Lifestyle changes nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques such as a massage, deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and yoga can help reducing everyday stress levels and help your body deal with the effects of stress. When you slow down you will enjoy life and stay healthy and happier longer.