whats better for weight loss walking, running, swimming or riding?

Asked by Stephh-

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Hi Steph,
To loose weight you need to create a calorie deficit, basically that is less in and more out. Swimming,running & biking are great but all aerebic exercise. You will loose some weight in the short term and be more healthy as a result but it will not always reduce your weight. When exercising you will put on muscle tone and burn fat off so you may not loose much weight but you will get slimmer. ( muscle weighs the same as fat )
In order to burn more calories you need to build muscle strength ( not muscle mass! not body building ) which means weight training - it will just give you more a more toned look greater muscle mass or tone need more calories just to exist so you will be burning more calories even when sat on the sofa watching telly - great !
Running is less good for you given the impact on the knees and spine. I'm a sports therapist and fitness trainer. Hope thats helpful!
keep well
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Thanks heaps guys! X
Hi Stephh I'm not a fitness instructor but have been on my own fitness regime for the past 5 weeks. In my experience, walking, combined with another kind of exercise works wonders in a sustained weight loss. My combo has been walking and pilates and although you don't see a huge amount of weight loss to start with, it has been working it's magic slowly but surely and the improvement on toning is huge. I can see my legs muscles moving now!
I think Swimming as its an all over exercise x
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