Any London homeopath treated narcolpepsy? I'm TCM practioner my client can't tolerate any herbs.

I would like to know if homeopathy can treat narcolpepsy . I'm a TCM practioner who's been treating my client with weak immune system with herbs previously, unfortunately, her body cannot tolerate any herbs, she is also uncomfortable with needles. I'd like hear from anyone who's sucessfully treated narcolepsy in an adult...thank you
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I am a GP with a specialist interest in Naturopathy but from my own experiences I have found that medical treatments work best for Narcolepsy. Modafinil (Provigil) is very well tolerated in the majority and without the side effects of some of the older stimulants. Let me know if you would like my input with your client? Warmest regards, Dr Mark Bonar @ 10 Harley Street.
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Thank you to all for answering my query, will consider all the options & be in touch in due course
I treat sleeping disorders successfully with Kinesiology - I am based near Brighton in Sussex. If your client can't get to me go to for a list of nationwide Practitoiners. Good luck
I have very good clinicl experience treating patients with sleeping disorders. For more details call/email me directly.
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I would suggest you look for an EFT practitioner as it is effective with just about everything.
Yes! Please see: This is a unique system of treatment. A colleague of mine had 7 sleeping disorders including catalepsy and narcolepsy and has now been successfully treated via Chirokinetic Therapy. I am also a pracitioner.