What is the best way to reduce upper arm flab either naturally or through a medical procedure?

Flabby arms run in the family. I'm still quite young but feel like I have the upper arms of a grandmother and would like to get rid of them. I've tried exercise without much success. Help!
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To tighten up those Bingo Wings, you will need to do several things. 1. tighten up your diet 2. train the arms with both compound and isolation exercises with either traditional weight training exercises and or bodyweight exercises. Also get your self on the punch bag and let rip as boxing will help in that area. Also speed strength ( plyometric) med ball drills will all help but and this is a big but you will need to persevere and be consistant as results will take time.
However if you have tried exercise before without much sucsess i would imagine that you were doing incorrect exercises and probably doing them wrong, If your arms are that much of an issue to you i would strongly suggest you invest in some personal training that way you will get the guidance and the tuition that you need as they will invest time in you to make sure you get the results you are looking for.


I actually used to work with a personal trainer 5 days a week. My arms were a bit better but still "flabby" any specific exercise recommendations? At the time I was doing a mix of cardio and strength training.
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Hi Isabel,
Pilates has very good exercises to tone up the arms without adding bulk. But you will need a specific personalized programme for that rather than a general class that you might find at the gym.
Hope this help
DIET AND EXERCISE look for something that you enjoy doing martial arts workouts really help burn the fat and shape you up quickly hope this helps
HI Isabelle - at our clinic we take a systematic aproach to target body treatments for best results. Along with continued healthy eating and exercise, we find 3 main solutions work best for stubborn areas such as the upper arms. You could try Accent Radiofrequency which uses heat to firm and tighten dermal tissues - Veloshape which uses a combination of heat, infrared and massage to blitz fatty deposits - or finally Zeltiq Cool Sculpting which can reduce flabby bits by 20-40% in as little as 8 weeks by freezing and destroying fat cells. For more on all these new technology body solutions please see our webiste or email reinvent@traceybell.co.uk for more info! You can also see the treatments at work on http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel
Hi there. thank you for your question. I agree with the comments below that exercise can achieve significant benefits and it could be that you need to change the METHOD of exercise to get the results you require. There are a number of medical treatments too should these options be unsuccessful - Indiba Deep Beauty seems to be really popular at the moment. Lastly would be surgical options such as liposuction or an arm lift (brachioplasty). Good luck!
Paul Banwell
The unsightly excess skin and fat that can develop on the back of the arm can be a real challenge to address – for many people, no matter how much exercise or diet they do, it just won’t budge.
Surgically there are a number of options, and the appropriate procedure can only be determined after careful examination by a plastic surgeon.
The options range from liposuction alone, to mini arm lifts (with a scar hidden in the armpit) to a full arm lift (brachioplasty). With a full brachioplasty the scar runs from the elbow into the armpit, and sometimes down onto the side of the upper chest. Although a long scar, it heals very well, is usually hidden from view, and offers a powerful arm reduction technique. Therefore it is the technique of choice in people who have lost a lot of weight. Otherwise, one of the less invasive options described above may be appropriate.
You wouldnt believe the amount of women who suffer with this. I teach dance and that and the stomach are the most complained about places... but the arms are one of the easiest to treat. If going to the gym sounds a little boring you could try and take up dance i.e pole fitness or zumba.
For example if you took the pole fitness classes in your area you would both tone and reduce 'that flabby' effect, as each time you go into your class your are building your muscles and losing inches, without really noticing it! People lose around 500-800 calories an hour!
Zumba is a style of dancing that is fun to do and you will both tone and lose weight in each of the classes. You will lose around 500 - 700 calories an hour!
Liposuction is best to left to a last resort as many people can end up with scars, infections and/or lumpy skin! There is also non surgical laser lipo that you could try but it is best to treat the area with exercise as you can end up with lumpy skin from this too!
Good Luck!
Please bear in mind that many people gain fat/ flab heavily on the upper arms, chin, thighs, bum, stomach etc. These and other areas go under the mass heading of 'problem areas'.
You stated that you have 'tried exercise without much success'. I take this to mean that you noticed some difference but wanted or expected a greater/ more noticeable change.
Not what anyone wants to hear, but these 'problem areas' do take time and a continued healthy eating plan and exercise regime to shift. There are no quick fixes in regards to losing weight safely and healthily or toning up.
Rather than give up with your exercise regime, you should consider trying different workouts, and exercises. Once you have been doing a program for a while your body becomes used to it and the initial high rate of change starts to lessen.
This is the time to either increase the intensity/ repetitions or sets. Or even switch to a new program to challenge your muscles in a different way or to engage a greater number of muscles at the same time.
Try a variety of routines or exercises for about 2 weeks to a month each and see if there is a marked improvement. Take full body measurements before and at bi-weekly or monthly intervals to keep an eye on your progress.
I would only ever recommend surgery to my clients if their health was so bad due to severe obesity that the risk of surgery was actually less than the risk of avoidence.
'Stop saying; I can't do this because..'
'Start saying; I could do this if...'
Good luck


Are there specific exercises that work best? I've focused on triceps but thinking it may not be as effective as I think it should be.
upper arm flab is one of the ost moaned about areas for women over age 30 ! if you have the flabby arm that runs in the family it may be hard to shift . exercise and a toxin ( cafeine, saturated fats etc) and sugar,free diet is still the safest way to reduce this unsightly problem aarm procedure is like liposuction life threatening in all instances
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